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10 things to teach a 10 year old daughter

10 Things To Teach A 10 Year Old Daughter

10 things to teach your 10 year old daughter

Raising confident girls

We were at a friends place few days back for the weekend get together. And a comment from a friend held my attention through out the party night and much beyond. My daughter is turning 10 in a couple of months. The ease with which she manouvered from a group of 2-3 year olds to the teenager gang made me see a young grown up girl ready to take on the world. So here i was resolving to have a candid chat on lot of important life lessons with her. I planned an outing with her on the next weekend. We both went for an early morning walk in the park and after a few mins of connect, i started my discussion with her. It was full of laughter, funny jokes and serious questions in between. However i present to you the snapshot of key points on Raising confident girls.

  • Believe in the unique YOU girl. A bird sitting on the tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Have trust on your own self, your own values, your own potential and life will be interesting.
  • Be yourself. On the way of life you would meet a lot of people, you will like some, and not gel with some, you would idealise some and be ignorant to some. Have an ideal in life but dont copy them. You would loose your own self on your race to becoming someone you admire.
  • Choose your clan. You are the average of top 5 people you interact the most with. Its important to chose your circle of friends wisely because that decides the direction and quality of your life.
  • Live in present and prepare for your future. Every thpught that crosses your mind is laying the foundation for your future. Choose your thoughts and actions wisely so as to design the future that you would like. Live your life by design not by default. Have a vision for your life my girl.Dont just waste your life in living aimlessly. Have a purpose and stay focussed to achieve that in life.
  • Have a mind of your own. Never give in to the people who feel that your say is not important. You are important and intelligent enough to have an opinion of your own on any subject. And that opinion is invaluable.
  • Solve problems dont create them. In life you would be surrounded by all different kinds of people. Few of them will create issues, few will discuss issues but only few of them would have courage and intentions to solve the issues and lead others. Be amongst the leaders who solve the problems of the world.
  • Participation is more important than wins. While i have always been a nagging mom who would want you to be perfect in everything you do, today i will share one of the very important expectation i have from you as my daughter. Participate and give in your best.
  • Respect yourself. The life is full of lows and highs, challenges and opportunities, successes and failures which bring a rollercoaster of emotions inside your heart. And it is most important then to realize and respect your own emotions. Never be ashamed of your own feelings and emotions. Don’t do what you don’t like. A simple rule that will help you decide when in doubt. Do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you. Follow your heart and you would come out of a situation as a winner.
  • Don’t give up. Whatever the situation in life, just get up, dress up, show up and don’t give up.
  • Love and spread more love. Feeling loved is the most important feeling in the world. If you could love yourself and others truely, half the battles of the life are won before beginning.

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