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7 Movies That Celebrate The True Spirit Of Christmas

7 Movies That Celebrate The True Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and we are already seeing the beauty, love, and warmth all around.  A festival that is celebrated all around the world involves attending the mass on Christmas Eve at the church followed by festivities throughout the week preceding New Years. The spirit of Christmas lies in the fact that it is best spent with family rather than being alone. It is all about taking holidays, taking a break from your busy work schedule and spending meaningful quality time with people you love and value. So Christmas is customarily such time of the year when one leaves everything else and participate in the festivities, watch a movie or 2, cook some great meals and enjoy the family lunches together.

Here is a list of 7 movies that celebrate the true spirit of Christmas and we recommend this on your watch list this holiday season.

  1. The Polar Express – the movie is based on a novel written by Chris Van Allsburg and was released in 2004 as an animated movie. A small boy who doubts the existence of Santa Claus is bestowed with a magical experience of undertaking a journey to the North Pole in a steam locomotive. His meeting with other characters on board the special train, his interactions with them on their belief in Santa Claus and his final meeting with the Santa himself is not only interesting, it comes with a lesson too. You need to have faith and belief to be able to see and experience things in life. Without conviction and trust, even the ringing jingle bell will make no sound for you.
  2. Home Alone – released in 1990 and starring child actor-prodigy Macaulay Culkin, this is a perfect watch during Christmas for a house full of happy healthy kids. Not only is the actor’s performance outstandingly cute, what makes the film endearing is his ways to fend for himself and protect his family home from two notorious burglars who have their eyes on every house in the neighborhood. It will not only make your kids shout with glee at his wins, but they will also learn that age has nothing to do when it comes to protecting your house and life – it just needs the presence of mind to tackle all kinds of situations.
  3. Jingle All the Way starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad as two opposing fathers, this comedy movie was released in 1996. The story revolves around Arnold’s character – a loving husband and a doting father, who is also a busy salesman with no time for his family. In his desire to gift a Turbo-Man to his son on Christmas, this father will not stop at anything from finding this gift, especially when he realizes that all stores are sold-out on the Turbo-man for the season. The comedy and the father’s attempt at making his son happy are the noticeable points about the movie.
  4. The Family Man released in the year 2000. It tracks the story of a busy Wall-street businessman who has no time for family, relationships or emotions. His life, however, undergoes a magical transformation when he wakes up on Christmas Day to be surrounded by a wife and 2 children including a toddler. Though initially hesitant and angry at the upheaval that has taken place in his life, he is slowly drawn into this emotional role as a father and a husband and understands that money should not be the number one priority in a man’s life. Spending Christmas with a family that loves and care for you is what makes life worth living for!
  5. Elf is a Christmas movie in the true sense because it is about one of Santa Claus’s elves named Ferrell who discovers that he is actually a human being. It is a roller-coaster ride filled with humor and good wit, just the right kind for kids to have fun during the holidays. When Feller reaches New York to search for his father, he helps many cynical and doubting Americans to start believing in Christmas and Santa Claus again.
  6. Millions, based on a novel of the same name, tells the story of a poor schoolboy who comes across a bag full of money and how he believes in kindness rather than greed, in being religious and giving rather than being selfish and eventually tries to burn the ill-gotten money because it was causing more harm than good. An insightful movie for healthy kids to learn the significance of moral values and that good always wins over evil.
  7. Die Hard starring Bruce Willis was released in 1988. An action-packed movie, this one is for kids and parents who love gunfights and fast paced movies. During a Christmas party in Los Angeles, several people are taken hostage by terrorists. The movie revolves around the daring and never-to-die attitude of an officer from NYPD who will not stop before he releases his wife and others from the terrorists.



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