My Top 9 Healthy Living Tips for Families

It is Neither too Early or Too Late to work towards being the Healthiest You!

The perfect start to healthy Living for children and a befitting lifestyle need to happen early in life. Human beings are made in a way that the good habits and behaviors that they imbibe as infants; tend to stay on till their adulthood and much beyond. Setting up an example for the child requires the entire family to be involved, even something as basic as healthy food habits and a suitable lifestyle.

Modern day living exposes our kids to plenty of unhealthy and damaging elements which makes it even more vital that we set them on a nutritious diet and living standards from the wee years of their life itself.  Healthy and nutritious food habits are considered to be one of the smart skills for kids nowadays.

Healthy Living for families

The fundamental thing that mothers and fathers need to realize is that they cannot set a healthy way of living for their kids in a solitary mode. This, in other words, means that the entire family needs to get started on a fitness and wholesome routine so that the child is motivated enough to stick to it and follow it with honesty and commitment.

Here are my top 9 tips to ensure healthy living for families:

 1. Make the perfect start to the day with the right breakfast.

After starving through the night, your body needs to be refueled so that it can get on with the day’s work. Over the night, the energy levels of the body get depleted and what is required is that the right ingredients like cereals, eggs, etc. are eaten in the morning so that the body is re-energized again for the long day ahead. Getting into a schedule of having breakfast routinely is not only nourishing for the body, but it also programs the eating habits of the kid positively and helps develop a very important smart skill for kids.

2. Refuel & Listen to your Body

The next important aspect to a lifestyle of healthy living for families is to keep refueling the body from time to time. Experts recommend eating small portions of food at frequent intervals through the day. This is because the moment hunger hormones start to give signals, you need to consume food or else you will end up taking in much more calories than required to satiate the hormone. This is another healthy tip and the quicker kids are made to understand the concept, the better it is for their body mechanism.

3. Eat together as a family

Sitting down to have meals together as a family is an age-old tradition that is practiced and followed in many countries. It helps people kids learn good table manners, practice the art of sharing food with others, they get into the habit of eating all types of dishes and ingredients, and helps in avoiding wastage of food.

4. Chew Properly & take your time

Food is meant to be chewed properly and eaten slowly. Meals should not be rushed, and kids need to learn that they need to enjoy the taste for effective digestion.

5. Involve kids in meal planning/cooking

Once a week it is a good idea to involve kids in planning and making a meal. The likelihood of kids eating the meal is more because they have helped in making it. There is a sense of involvement and engagement that reinforces positive health nutrition for the child.

6. Talk about food & health

Healthy eating habits also means teaching kids to know what is good for their health and what is not. For example, butter and vegetable oil are better if avoided whilst eating baked, grilled or broiled food is best for consumption to keep in shape and is also good for the heart.

7. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise

Exercises are a must. Kids must have their playtime outdoors while parents can hit the Gym or go for their daily walks and jogs. Experts recommend at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity for the entire family. Playtime of kids can also be a great family time where parents and kids can play games that involve everyone. Also using the staircase, taking the dog out, or even cleaning their bedrooms is some other physical activities that should be indulged in by all members in a family. Once the kid sees everyone involved, he will also make it an essential part of his lifestyle and daily routine. 

8. Walk the talk on health

Walk the talk. It is very important to practice what you preach to your kids and be a living example for them. When parents eat healthily, follow consistently a fitness routine, and practice a healthy lifestyle it is but natural that the kid will follow in their footsteps. 

9. Keep Calm & take Care of Your mental health

Practice the art of keeping calm. Stressful situations can arise anytime and anywhere. What is important is to be calm. This is good not only for your health but it also teaches kids to learn how to be composed and unruffled even under trying and worrying times. Techniques like meditation or listening to music help relax the mind and the body and when parents use these techniques, they consciously train their kids to follow suit.

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