About Us

We’re a one stop parenting platform dedicated to nurturing parents of babies, toddlers and teenagers. We exist because we are on a mission to build happy homes and positive outcomes.

Our Story and Goals as a Parenting Platform

Cafe whiz was established in August 2018 by the very passionate Kushal Singhal. Her primary intent as a parenting coach and also as a nurturing parent of two was to bring about an awareness about the ever evolving parenting tecniques and methodologies. She is on a mission of transforming the way parenting works.

Cafe Whiz stands for holistic and wholesome development of children across cultures and communities. We are one of the first platforms to focus on the importance of life skills in kids for happiness, fulfillment and long lasting success. We just don’t talk about academics. We stress upon skills that are needed in both parents and growing children for connecting well in these superficial times.

We also tell interesting stories of inspiring parents and familes across the world. We are gradually growing into a tribe of highly informed, evolved, educated, tech-savvy and adept parents. Our community is ever learning and ever growing. We aim to assist parents in providing a positive, encouraging, nourishing and engaging environment to their kids at home.

We encourage the drive, passion, focus and the right attitude in parents for stirring kids in the right direction. We are aware of dynamic times and are flexible and adaptative enough to the changing needs, values, and skillsets of the modern day world.

Come, engage with us and collaborate to “Enable the new smart in kids” and to take our community from “Good to Great Parenting.”

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