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Our Story

Embedded in my mind for a couple of years, the idea took its shape on the coffee table this summer. A casual discussion with friends started with “what’s up with our lives” and minutes later led to one common point of interest – Kids and parenting.

A key take away from the discussion was that “while none of us was born with good parenting skills, still all of us are doing a fairly good job in upbringing our kids. Yes we do falter, we do make mistakes, ignorance does creep in sometimes but then Parenting is a journey and Café whiz wants to partner with you in making your journey more beautiful and successful.

In times to come, Café whiz shall be a platform focussing on holistic development of children from early childhood to teen ages. We would focus on developing life skills in kids enabling them to live a more happy, fulfilling life.

We would explore in detail topics from all the 5 disciplines of the New Smart – academics, emotional skills, social skills, physical fitness and language development. Rather than suggesting quick fix solutions and hacks, we would provide a wider and deeper understanding of subjects affecting children so as to enable them to live more fulfilling lives.

“The New Smart kid” is the one who is doing quite well in academics, extra-curricular activities and additionally excel in age relevant Smart Skills. These Smart Skills include health & fitness, social skills, emotions management skills, cognitive skills, and language skills.

While ” The New Smart skillset” is increasingly becoming a fundamental need to survive in the complex times we live in; various researches also prove that these skills are learnt and best inculcated in childhood.

An upside to focussing on all these multiple intelligences in kids is their increased focus, a peaceful mind capable of doing much more, an increased engagement with life, mindfulness and also better academic scores. While the number of results achieved are much more than listed above, a simple and easy way to understand the results of holistic education is higher probability of achieving success in life. The Smart Skills learnt and practised at childhood does positively impact the capability of handling different life situations.

Café whiz Vision

We envision all kids getting opportunity of holistic education that can better equip them for success in life.

Café whiz Mission

Our Mission is to create a positive impact on the community by enriching parents, teachers and care givers with the knowledge and tools about imparting “The Smart skills” to kids.

We at Café whiz plan to equip parents with vital social and emotional literacy skills, that they can use to help kids increase focus, improve academic performance, reduce stress, gain emotional resilience and optimism.

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