Are intimate wipes safe for female teens? This is a question that confuses a lot of mothers. Let us try and find all the information about usage of intimate wipes in teens in this post.
The first question that pops up in my mind is what are intimate wipes? To answer this, Intimate Wipes are wet wipes to clean the women  intimate areas. The next question is why do you need intimate wipes for your teen, when she is already using a good intimate wash? While the intimate wash is a great addition to your teen’s shower routine; intimate wipes are your go-to product while she is on the move.
Now let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using intimate wipes in teens.

Are intimate wipes safe for female teens

Teenage is a big milestone in the life of any child and her parents. What makes it big are the big changes that come along with the teen age physiological & emotional.
Additionally the modern lifestyle, social activities and increased time spent out of homes are all adding on to the complexities in teen’s lives. While all these new-age attractions are competing to catch her attention all the time, the moms need to step in here. It is the mother’s responsibility to take special care of the health and hygiene of their teenage daughters.
Thus, while all these changes are taking place, it is the right time to introduce the facts about body hygiene. Talking to her about how to manage these changes well, goes a long way in building healthy habits in young girls for life.

Are Intimate Wipes Safe for Female Teens

Above are some of the benefits of using intimate wipes for personal hygiene in females. Now let us focus on finding the right answer to “Are Intimate wipes safe for female teens”. Additionally, we would try to understand how does a female body works. And why is there a need to stress on developing a good intimate hygiene routine in young teens.

A female vagina naturally secretes oil and discharge which have a significant function in human body. It acts as a protective coating to prevent infections. However when not cared for properly, this moisture and discharge can lead to a lot of issues related to vaginal health.

A female vagina also has a self cleansing system in place. However with active lifestyle, the natural system needs to be supported with the right intimate hygiene products. 

FAQs about Using Intimate wipes in female Teens

Listed below are some of the Frequently asked questions on the subject of teens using Intimate wipes.  I hope that you will find your answers to all your questions here. 

When can my girl start using intimate hygiene products?
Teenage is the right age to set in place a good intimate hygiene routine for your daughter. And all natural intimate wash and chemical free dermatology tested wipes are integral parts of this routine. So start with having an open conversation with her about intimate body parts and how to keep them healthy. 

This conversation not only clarifies a lot of her doubts about her own physiology but also prepares the ground for more intense and critical conversations about Dating, Kissing & Sex.

Why should teens be using intimate wipes?
Intimate wipes are high-quality feminine hygiene wipes which are used to clean vagina. Since your teen’s body is undergoing load of hormonal changes this definitely is the best time for her to start using products for maintaining the personal hygiene. 

Further more, the active outdoor lifestyle of our teens also add on to the need to carry something their bags while they go out and live their lives. Intimate wipes are a great option to use while they’re out of homes.

How often can we use intimate wipes?
Chemical free and all natural intimate wipes can be used multiple times in the day since there are no harmful effects to human body. It is a good routine to use these wipes every time after using public restrooms to avoid contact with harmful germs. 
Are there any harmful effects of using the intimate wipes?
Any chemical laden product comes along with its own list of side-effects to human bodies. Therefore while choosing the intimate Vib which is right for you and you should focus upon it being chemical free and made of all natural ingredients. Once you have ascertained this, there are no definitive of side effects to using these. 
Are wet wipes and intimate wipes different?
Intimate wipes are specially designed to be mild and a clinically tested. These include ingredients which helps in maintaining the pH level which is good female vagina. On the other hand where tribes are designed for facial and hand cleansing.

The wet wipes intends to provide freshness and cleanliness to the skin. Intimate wipes on the other hand helps prevent vaginal infections, itching, bad odour apart from providing cleanliness and freshness.

Therefore it is not advisable to use wet wipes and intimate wipes interchangeably. Also because intimate wipes have natural medicinal components that help maintain the right pH balance and also fight symptoms like itchiness & mild infections. 

When to use the intimate wipes?
It is recommended to use intimate wipes after using public toilets to avoid any vaginal infections and UTIs. It can also be used any time you want to feel fresh and clean while on the move.

It is also a good idea to use an intimate wipe to clean yourself from front to back after urination.

Can we use intimate wipes during periods?
It is absolutely safe to use these during periods. Infact, this is the time one should be using these intimate wipes more often to feel clean and fresh all day. 
What is the need of intimate wipes when she uses intimate wash everyday?
Both intimate wash and intimate wipes serve the same purpose. However , intimate wipes have an added advantage attached to it. You can use intimate wipes any time anywhere even outside the home. It caters to all your hygiene needs while you are on the go.How to choose the right intimate wipes for your Teen

Few things to be kept in mind while choosing the right intimate wipes for your teen daughter are

  • Ingredients Mix
  • Reviews of users
  • Moisturising Properties
  • Size of the wipe
  • Availability of the intimate wipes
  • Price of the wipes

Ingredients Mix

Always look at the list of ingredients present on the package. The wipes containing natural ingredients should be the preferred choice for your teen. 

Also look out for ingredients like alcohol and parabens whiz have innumerable negative effects on our health. While alcohol has drying effects on the skin, parabens are toxic and fiddles with normal functioning of hormones in our bodies. So having these in the ingredients list is a good indication that it may not be the right product fro your teen.

Therefore spending sometime in understanding the ingredients and their impact on our health is an intelligent decision.

Reviews of other users

Read the reviews from mothers who have already used the product before taking the decision to go with a particular brand. Amazon does provide a wide array of customer feedback on all the products. So look out for the ratings and get the basic sense of feedback for the particular product before making your decision.

Moisturising Properties

Having moisturising ingredients like aloe vera or almond oil can prove to be very beneficial while choosing the right intimate wipes. Because the purpose of wipes is to wipe clean and refresh the vagina and not dry it and devoid it of its natural moisture. So a light moisturising effect is something which is always an advantage in intimate wipes.

Size of the wipe

Having the right size of product which is not too small is very important for an intimate wipe. So consider this factor before making your choice.

The Intimate wipes I chose for my Teen Daughter

After a thorough research on the available options in the market, I chose Everteen Intimate wipes for my teen daughter. It comes in pack of 15 wipes that are individually packed. So it is easy for you to pick up a couple of them at a time and add it to your bag for the day. The individually wrapped wipes are a great innovation and you don’t need to carry the entire pack with you. Also the risk of touching the other wipes while pulling out one and contaminating the other wipes is also not there anymore. This helps keep the rest of the wipes clean and germ-free.  

Another important thing about using the Everteen wipes is that it is made out of ultra soft material which is completely biodegradable. This helps protect out environment along with protecting our vagina. 

Everteen is a globally renowned feminine hygiene brand  that has its manufacturing and fulfilment base in India. it provides worldwide shipping & that offers India’s largest range of quality sanitary essentials for women. This ensures that the company has proper systems in place to research, source quality ingredients and produce quality products.

The Everteen intimate wipes are mildly fragrant and boasts of pleasant smell of lily flowers. The packaging is just apt for a modern women and conveys the all natural component of the brand quite strongly. A beautiful white pink colour combination makes it an attractive option for its target customers.

Results of using an Intimate Wipes for my teen:

Intimate Wipes provided Protection from UTI

One of the significant changes that I have felt is after using the Everteen intimate wash and Everteen intimate wipes is reduction in the number of UTIs my daughter falls sick with. Regular usage of intimate hygiene products, has helped us check infections and keeps her feeling fresh all day.

Using Intimate wipes reduced Itching

My teenage daughter frequently complained of itching and skin rashes specifically post her exercise routines. Excessive sweating is the reason behind itching. After using intimate wipes as her post exercise clean up routine has reduced her itching and occurrence of rashes between the legs.

Intimate wipes provide freshness All Day

Using wipes when outside home, helped her keep her self feeling fresh for the entire day.

Intimate Wipes helped keep intimate parts smelling nice

Mild fragrance in the wipes helps her feeling & smelling good all day. The flowery smell is actually my daughter’s favourite and hence she is very happy using these intimate wipes. She also introduced these to a couple of her friends and they are using these regularly too. As they say, friends are a big influence in any teen’s life. So a product which is recommended by their peer and is backed by thorough research is usually well received by the group of friends too. 

I hope the detailed information presented above helps you make the right choice for your teen. 

The definitive answer to “Are intimate wipes safe for female teens” depends on ingredients that they are made up of. 

The ingredients and quality of products chosen defines whether the product is suitable for use by our teen daughters. I hope this presents a holistic picture & offers you a complete guide about all you needed to know about intimate wipes. Also if you would like to ask anything else regarding the usage of intimate wipes, do ask your questions in the comment section of this blog post. Additionally, I would love to hear from you all about your experience of using intimate wipes.

Till then, go ahead, choose the best product for your teen and tell them all about good habits and how to maintain a healthy vagina. Don’t worry anymore about the questions like Are intimate wipes safe for female teens? Because now you know what all to look for before taking the decision to find the right and safe product for your teen daughter. 

Also you can find more information about Everteen products at

Happy Parenting!

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