What is the attachment/intuitive style of parenting?

In Attachment parenting, the focus is on developing a deep bonding with one’s child. Attached/intuitive parents are sensitive about their children’s needs and concentrate on developing a strong emotional bond with them thereby providing them with a secure and safe environment at home. The intuitive style focuses on the go with your gut feeling – parents rely on their instincts and instead of listening to others’ opinion and views, they prefer to do what seems right when it comes to their child. These parents firmly believe that no one knows your child better than you and hence no generalized parenting technique can work for the kids. In this style, the parent listens only to what the child wants and accordingly responds and behaves with them.

Characteristics of this particular style
  • Sensitive and responsive parents
  • Parents act as protective shields so that their kids are not exposed to too much stress 
  • Nurturing touch and lots of physical contact with the kid, especially in the infant age
  • Responding immediately to the babies cries
  • Co-sleeping 
  • Emotionally coaching the kids to become resilient
  • Being patient with the kids
  • Coming up with smart skills for kids 
  • Encouraging empathy and trust in the kids
  • Reasoning with kids so that they realize their mistakes 
  • Loving and protective environment at home. 
  • Helps create harmony at home and encourages a peaceful life.
Impact of attachment/intuitive Parent on Child’s Self image
  • Self-reliant kids with high self-esteem
  • Independent kids who are emotionally stable
  • Disciplined and well-behaved.
Impact of attachment/intuitive Parent on Child’s Social Skills
  • Good natured and respectful
  • Have empathy and patience when dealing with others
  • Good at developing and maintaining relationships
  • Reliable and dependable
Impact of attachment/intuitive Parent on Child’s Academics
  • Kids of intuitive parents tend to do better in their educational and professional fronts. The parents also teach life skills necessary for kids to make them perfectly suited to a societal paradigm shift.
  • Since they have an understanding and supportive parents, they are highly likely to become successful in their careers because they are given the opportunity to pursue options of their choice and interest.
Impact of attachment/intuitive Parent on Child’s Life
  • Kids of such parents tend to be completely in harmony with nature and their self. They must have the ability to manage child behavior problems. 
  • As they are emotionally strong, they tend to be honest and have the maturity to handle all kinds of situations capably.
  • They grow up to be loving and giving individuals.
  • Since they are growing up in an environment where the emotional attachment is emphasized, these kids are able to handle emotional turmoil and mayhem quite maturely.
  • Chances of such kids ending up in negative situations and with harmful people are less likely. There are also lesser chances of these kids getting into bad habits like alcohol consumption, drugs etc.

Attachment/intuitive style of parenting is considered to be one of the positive parenting styles. This is because parents are sensitive and aware of their kids’ needs and do not depend upon external factors to decide the best course of action. Since there is a strong and trusting relationship between the child and the parent, there is a secure environment at home giving the child the right framework to develop and grow into a positive and a well-balanced individual. 

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