What is the Authoritative style of parenting?

The authoritative parent is also sometimes referred to as a democratic parent. In the Authoritative parenting style, the parents try to create a balance between their expectations from the child and providing him with an environment where he can live up to these expectations. This is a child-centric parenting style. A style that incorporates lots of flexibility so that there is love, warmth, and harmony at home while discipline is never over-looked or ignored.

Characteristics of Authoritative Parenting Style
  • Parents belonging to this style build a home that has lots of love and respect; a nurturing and supportive atmosphere.
  • Communication is both ways. Children are encouraged to speak their mind and make decisions. Parents listen to them and also express their opinions and thoughts. It is a very positive and open environment. Praise and criticism co-exist. 
  • There are high expectations from the child accompanied by the demand to fulfill them too. The demands, however, are reasonable and as per the child’s aptitude and maturity.
  • Parents are involved in the child’s progress and development. They provide the necessary resources and support so that their child can go beyond their expectations.
  • Children are allowed to take independent decisions. They are allowed to think reasonably and raise questions when they do not understand something. The freedom, however, is closely monitored by the parents.
  • Parents believe in fair dealing especially when it comes to punishments and disciple. They do set rules and limitations that the child cannot cross. And consistent punishments are handed out when the line is crossed – driven towards self-realization so that the child understands where he was wrong. 
  • Authoritative parents always make sure to spend quality time with their children. 
Impact of Authoritative Parent on Child’s Self image
  • Kids are self-confident. 
  • They give respect to others and expect the same in return.
  • These are positively matured kids.
  • They value happiness.
  • They are open-minded. They know how to handle criticism and appreciation well.
  • Have excellent control over their emotions. 
Impact of Authoritative Parent on Child’s Social Skills
  • These kids are highly social –they know how to conduct themselves appropriately in different situations. They are able to comfortably gel with any kind of environment.
  • They are lively by nature and love to keep everyone around happy and joyful.
Impact of Authoritative Parent on Child’s Academics
  • Academically, these kids tend to perform better than others because their parents are interested in their education and they provide all help and support for the kids to excel in their interest areas.
  • They are also good performers non-academically – many of them are good at creative arts.
  • They are good listeners and speakers too.
Impact of Authoritative Parent on Child’s Life
  • Positive kids. Emotionally stable. Develop strong and constructive relationships. Independent thinking, good at reasoning, disciplined, expressive, have excellent social skills, and capable of taking good care of themselves. 
  • Chances of getting into negative habits, substance abuse etc. are less likely with these kids.

This is one of the most preferred styles of parenting today. Since it promotes a balanced all-around development in the child, these kids grow up to be matured and optimistic individuals.

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