Life Skills in Kids – Being Youthful

Being Youthful in Body as well as your mind is an essential Life skill for kids and adults alike. It becomes fundamental to teach them the skill from childfooh so that it becomes their way of life. This post is a part of A2Z challenge 2019 in which i particpated in April. You may read all the other posts of A2Z challenge about Life skills in kids below.

Being youthful is a state of mind simply

The Concept:

If there is one lesson, I want you to learn well in life, let it be this. Whatever be your age you can always choose to be youthful in your thoughts and mindset.  This is one thing in you that you need to protect from the harshness of life. The smile, the energy, the vigor and the passion with which you live your life in the youth is something that should always remain with you. Just don’t let it pass.

Being Youthful in Body & Mind

Being young or youthful means never losing that spark – always being excited and enthusiastic about life, adapting to newer trends, living life to the fullest, exploring as many avenues as possible, looking out for ways and means to be happy and lead a fulfilling life.

The story:

The best example of youthfulness is showcased in the movie Tangled by the character of Rapunzel. She is shown to be an ever-young princess who had magical power in her blonde locks by which she could heal anything and everything including aging. She is very positive and energetic and for every lonely day in the tower, she managed to put up a brave smile and be happy.

Rapunzel is a great example of a person who lives her life with the positive energy of youthfulness.

One of the most youthful animated characters according to my younger chap is that of Winnie, the Pooh. Be just adores the fact that Winnie loves honey. He is seen full of energy positivity smiles and enthusiasm.


Full of life and zest, Winnie is what youthfulness is all about.

Learnings for the kids:

  • Help them be life long learners. Never stop using your grey cells. Try anything from crossword puzzles to Sudoku challenging your brain to remain agile, responsive and functional.
  • Exercise so that your physical health is always ensured. Physical well-being is as important as mental welfare and happiness. Go out for daily walks, join a sport, practice yoga and meditation and lots more.
  • Follow your passion and hobbies.
  • Try and be as social as possible. Being solitary or isolated tends to make you lonesome. Interacting with others keeps the communication channels on and serves as a good diversion for the mind and the body.
  • Eat healthily. Get off all the junk food and feed your body with food that’s rich in essential ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.
  • Follow your heart. Listen to music. Take regular breaks to rejuvenate.


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