Being Neat, Clutter-Free & Organized needs consistent physical and mental practice

The Concept:

This is one trait that has no secret formula to it. Being neat Clutter-free and organized means

  • Taking care of your personal hygiene
  • Keeping the surroundings neat and clutter free
  • Organizing your routines, tasks, and lives.
The Story:

Examples of being neat and tidy as understood by my elder one.

Remember the character of Jacques from the movie Finding Nemo? This movie is an animated adventure Walt Disney film; the character of Jacques has been based on Pacific cleaner shrimp that eat dead fish tissues and parasites to clean the coral reef.

Finding Nemo

  • In the movie, Jacques is not deterred from any circumstance or thing to clean off algae from a spot. That’s cleanliness!

Another case in point is that of Remy from the movie Ratatouille. This anthropomorphic rat character has a thing for neatness and cleanliness. He never uses his front paws to walk because he uses those paws for cooking and serving food. And in a case of extreme neatness, he always cleans his paws with water before cooking and serving food.

  • Remy is the perfect example of being organized – of being neat and clean.

How to Encourage this in kids:

  1. Set up a routine for kids to do daily chores like doing up your bed, clean dishes after a meal, wiping the kitchen counter, dining table after a meal. 
  2. Discard or donate things that you do not need. This not only is a sign of you being organized, doing this on a regular basis will save you space and mental clutter.
  3. Every time you use a thing to ensure to keep it back in its original place.
  4. Find a home for every small and big little thing. Using waste boxes, baskets and shelves are good enough. Once things have been stacked away use labeling method for items that need to be stored away.
  5. Devise a cleaning routine and divide the work between family members so as instill the habit in kids.