What is the conscious style of parenting?

In sharp contrast to conventional parenting models that believe in using strict rules and consequences to model the behavioral pattern of kids, the unconditional/conscious style of parenting tends to teach kids important lessons by establishing a strong parent-child relationship. In this style, parents accept their kids as they are – unconditionally – regardless of their behavior and mannerisms. A conscious decision made by the parents to acknowledge their children irrespective of their achievements or failures, of what they are capable of doing or vice versa.

Characteristics of this particular style
  • Parents are like solid pillars of strength & love for their kids. They love and shower affection on their kids regardless of how the child is or his behavior is.
  • When kids throw tantrums or commit mistakes, these parents do not resort to disciplinary actions or scolding them. At the same time they do not ignore these outbursts and mistakes; rather they keep calm and patiently deal with the kid. They express love – verbally or non-verbally and through this affectionate behavior help the child learn from his mistake.
  • These parents are always there for their kids – fulfilling all their needs and demands and in so doing are not spoiling the child, rather by expressing unconditional love and support they are able to help the child heal and learn positive ways of living. 
  • Irrespective of failures or achievements, parents love their child absolutely, almost blindly. There are no punishments here. Praises are showered lots so that the child is always motivated.
  • These parents never impose their ideas or aspirations on their kids. There is respect for the child’s ideas and wishes.
  • The negative expressions like anger raised voices; threaten to withdraw love or over-ruling the child’s need is not resorted to by parents.
Impact of the conscious parent on Child’s Self image
  • This form of parenting gives lots of space for the child to grow responsibly. Hence the sense of self-esteem and self-reliant is quite high in the kids. 
  • Having received abundant warmth and categorical support from parents, these kids are confident and self-assured individuals. 
  • Having been loved unconditionally these kids get a nurturing environment to develop their natural personality, likes, and interests. This helps them grow up to be highly sensitive adults.  
Impact of the conscious parent on Child’s Social Skills
  • These kids are social well-developed.
  • Trustworthy individuals who lay great significance on relationships, freedom, and space.
Impact of the conscious parents on Child’s Academics
  • Kids who are loved unconditionally by their parents perform better academically. They also perform reasonably well in their professional lives too as they are encouraged by their parents to follow their dreams and chase their interests.
Impact of the conscious Parent on Child’s Life
  • Stable and well-balanced individuals. 
  • Lots of unrestricted love and understanding from parents do not spoil the child – they rather grow up to be mature adults with their own distinctive individuality.

Unconditional/conscious parents are tolerant, patient, understanding and cooperative in their relationship with their kids. They work on imparting essential life skills to their kids through positive interactions and healing. This enables the overall development of their persona – personal and emotional growth. 

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