Coaching for Parents

Whiz Kids Blueprint (LEVEL I)

Offering thorough counsel on conceptual clarity of what it means to parent by design.


Parenting by Design Paradigm

Parenting by design leads to happier and wholesome kids. At Cafe Whiz, we are making this the norm.

Modifying traditional parenting

Traditional parenting cannot work in the contemporary times. We’re here to offer wider exposure.

3 secrets to unlock the true potential of your child

Unleash the potiential of your child by allowing us to reveal 3 parenting secrets.

Whiz Kids Challenge (LEVEL II)

Offering complete solutions to be able to implement all problem solving methodologies.

A 30-day implementation challenge

The focus here will be to impart methodologies that will lead to resolving children related issues within 30 days.

Scripts & Strategies to shape behaviour

Focus will be on teaching methodolgies that will help parents witness positive change in children.

Tools to address specific day today parenting challenges

Focus will be on set tools that will help allow parents to meet challenges well.

How will our Parenting Coaching help you?

We care enough to understand your needs as a struggling parent. We do not judge or disapprove parents. We simply help them modify their existing parenting strategy and include methodology that will lead to a more positive outcome.

Deep Communication

Deep communication: Our courses will help you communicate better with your kids and deeply.

Authentic Connect

Our courses will assist you in building a genuine connect with your kids for life.

High self esteem

Our courses will guide you in building a high self esteem in your children.

Happy family quotient

Our courses will ensure a positive family environment leading to wholesomness and happiness.

Get In Touch

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