“I came to parenting the way most of us do – Knowing Nothing and Trying to learn Everything”.

This is my favorite quote on Parenting. And come to think of it, this is so true. This is exactly what we all live through being a New Parent.


Learning Cycle of a New Parent


Parenting is a 24*7 job and there is no book of rules available that teaches us how to do it perfectly. New parents constantly work hard to learn from their and others’ experiences. While they are making efforts to master the art & the science of parenting, here is a simple guide to “The Parenting Styles”.

What is a Parenting Style?

The sum total of all the child-rearing strategies that you choose comprises your Parenting style.  Be it on a psychological, behavioral, moral & philosophical level, these strategies reflect your outlook towards parenting & childhood. These strategies may or may not be critically examined or chosen specifically for a purpose but are more so defined by the parents” life journeys. The personal temperaments, cultural imprints, and the parents’ own childhood experiences influence their parenting styles big time.

Why should we bother about our Parenting Style?

Knowing which parenting style we belong to, helps us to understand the way we are handling our child. It will also help us understand the impact of our chosen parenting style on our child’s personality & actions. While being aware of one’s parenting style is a good idea in understanding one’s parenting patterns, it also needs to be understood that every parent is unique and brings a different skill set and value set into the lives of the children. Each parent does have a unique style basis their unique journey of life and hence the learning of parenting styles should be used as an additional tool to comprehend and widen the scope of our current parenting patterns.

Historically there have been the 4 basic parenting styles recognized on the basis of 2 dimensions – which are “Responsiveness” & “Demandingness”. These are Authoritative Parenting, Permissive Parenting, Authoritarian Parenting & Uninvolved Parenting.



However, with times, a lot of new terms have been associated with Parenting Styles. Here is an exhaustive list of different parenting styles that exist in the present day modern times.

  1. Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parenting
  2. Permissive or Indulgent Parenting
  3. Uninvolved Parenting
  4. Authoritative Parenting
  5. Attachment/intuitive Parenting
  6. Positive Parenting
  7. Nurturant / Slow Parenting
  8. Narcissistic Parenting
  9. Helicopter Parenting
  10. Toxic Parenting
  11. Dolphin Parenting
  12. Differential Parenting
  13. Instinctive Parenting
  14. Unconditional/Conscious Parenting
  15. Permissive/Indulgent Parenting

Click on the links above to read about various Parenting Styles and their impact on children.


  1. Check out your parenting style and see if it is negatively impacting your child. If it is, it is time for you to change or finetune your style. If it is yielding good results manifested in your kids’ amazing overall development and a balanced attitude, it means you are on the right path.

2    If you are worried about which style you represent and whether it is right or wrong for your child, we have a word of advice for you. Just pay attention to the warmth and nurturing, disciplinary strategies, expectations of control and maturity and communication styles and you have got it covered.

Always remember, parenting styles are also an outcome of your child’s behavior and attitude. You may have to shift gears and be strict or lenient with your child as the situation and his behavior demands. Work hard to inculcate a strong sense of self-worth and esteem in your child and with time it is all going to shape up well worth it.

Happy Parenting!