A good sense of humor can get you everywhere!

The concept:

Humour is about possessing skills to amuse yourself and others. People with a good sense of humor are popular in social circles because not only can they make others laugh and smile, they are also rarely offended when others crack jokes at them. Seemingly these people are usually the happy-go-lucky guys, having lots of friends and lots of positives vibes and energies.

Coincidentally humor is also a powerful element that promotes teamwork and productivity because it directly affects the enthusiasm level of people involved in a task or job. “Good Sense of Humour” is an attribute that helps keep relationships – personal and working – amicable and positive.

The Story
Kung Fu Panda

Remember the Kung fu Panda series of movies, the character of Po is often seen to share verbal humor and act out some really funny scenes. Some of the funny scenes that we remembered & discussed in our interaction were:

  • When Po quotes “There is no charge for awesomeness.” “Or attractiveness.” And then the narration goes “His enemies would go blind with the over exposure to pure awesomeness.”

Po in Kung Fu Panda

  • When Po said let’s begin the exercise from level 0  to suit him. And Shifu said, there is no such thing as level 0. But at the end of the day, Shifu said, now there is the newly defined level 0.

And with this, my kids gave me “The Level 0” title to the Fitness Enthusiast in me..and I accepted it wholeheartedly.

  • And lastly, when Po said to Shifu – Please don’t die and Shifu replied back that he is not dying but at peace.

We all had a good laugh remembering these scenes and many more of Po’s antics in the movie.

Tom & Jerry

The “Tom & Jerry Show” is the awesome example of a slapstick comedy and is sure to make you laugh at all times. The show revolves around funny silly adventures between the cat (tom) and the mouse (Jerry). This is one show my daughter runs to when she is feeling low and 20 minutes down the clock, she is back to her spirits, laughing her way to the kitchen for a bowl of popcorn.

Just to add, I just love the fact that she is growing to be an individual who can look after herself very well and who is independent, self-sufficient & responsible for her happiness.

The Tom & Jerry show

How can we help our kids develop a good sense of humor?
  • Model it-  Don’t take things too seriously yourself. Live Laugh and love.
  • If your kid tries to crack a joke in front of a group of your friends, do spend energies to encourage and build on it. It will all add up to her confidence.
  • Use your presence of mind to come up with smart and funny answers.
  • Try cracking jokes on your self – not self-deprecating but positive ones.
  • Try to find fun in everyday life events and narrate them to your friends and family.
  • Stay away from bodily fun and cracking jokes at someone’s physicality.