Life Skills in Kids: Discover your X-factor


Having a deep and correct understanding of one’s own self, knowing his strengths and weaknesses is a great way to live one’s life. It not only helps in simplifying the social interactions by managing one’s expectations in relationshiops but also plays a vital part in the professional and personal success of the person. This Self Awareness  leads to the identification of the unique abilities , the charisma and the X-factor in a person.

Extraordinary people don’t fit in, they stand out!

The Concept:

The X-factor in a person refers to having an incredible or indescribable quality that makes him special and extraordinary. This quality or talent makes the person stand out in the crowd – different from the ordinary.

Discovering our special quality & working on it to make it as our core competence is a daunting task just for the fact that it requires an intentional effort and great amount of self-awareness and focus. Children their ambitions and career inclinations are a hot topic of interest amongst us parents and hence there is great competitiveness amongst millennial parents to discover their kids’ strengths and provide them with best avenues to work on them.

The story:

In the series Winnie the Pooh, the central character of Winnie has been portrayed as a slow-witted anthropomorphic teddy bear. His friends know that he is not quite clever and most of the times slow, but he has a unique characteristic of coming up with witty and intuitive ideas all the while. It is his creativity and common sense that makes him different from his gang of friends. 

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie says, ‘The things that make me different are the things that make me’. 

Elastigirl in The Incredibles was a firebrand Superheroine before marriage. Even if she never planned to settle down she happily took to her role as a housewife and a mother. It is also because the government bans the Supers. However, she keeps practicing her super powers in the secret. She later leads a campaign to bring back the supers in Incredibles 2, saves a runaway train and is victorious in making Supers legal entity again.

Incredibles 2

Elastigirl, Mrs. Incredibles believe that ‘your identity is your most valuable possession. You need to protect it.’

How to help your kids develop x-factor?

  1. Encourage them to take risks or chances. One of the first things that people with the x-factor have is fearlessness. If they believe in something they will stand up for it.
  2. Help them discover their strengths & passion areas. Coach them to pursue their passion and play from their strengths.
  3. Encourage them to “Be themselves”. Having people to admire and look up to is great but let them never copy someone just because they admire them.
  4. Accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally.


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