None of us is as smart as all of us – Ken Blanchard

The concept:

Teamwork involves varied group members working in cooperation towards a shared vision. The human dynamics involved by the virtue of diversity, unique life journeys, experiences, and varied personality types make teamwork a subject of interest for a lot of management professional, consultants, and teachers. But why should you as a mom bother about this? The answer to this came to me recently when I witnessed my 11-year-old spending more than a couple of hours on a conference call with her group mates to finalize the central idea for the poster making competition in school. (Also to mention, that I was called twice in the call to intervene and make others understand her point, the request for which was put down).

This is the first time I realized that it is not just the school projects, this is the start of her life long learning of working effectively with others.

The Story:

Now as we were discussing, how the call went and what was done right and what could have been better (an HR professional once is an HR professional for life), my younger chap came in to share his pearls of wisdom with his sister). And so the example of Kung Fu Panda-2 was quoted. How the central character Po and his gang of Furious Five fought the battle against Lord Shen, an evil-hearted white peacock ruler  It was because they worked in a team that did the magic according to him. And I agreed.

Po in Kung Fu Panda 2

  • Po and his group of friends exemplify team work.

Monster University also showcases how all of them should work in a team to win the competition.

The 2005 Hollywood movie, Coach Carter is another great example. I and my daughter watched this movie last weekend. It beautifully narrates the true story of a national level basketball player Ken Carter who goes back to train his high school basketball team. The team was every bit dysfunctional. But it all changes under Coach Carter. In one particular scene when a certain player was unable to do his exercises and the Coach orders him to leave, another player offers to do the push-ups on his behalf. This was my daughter’s favorite scene in the movie.

Coach Carter

  • In a team, you need to help and support each other like the Richmond High School Oilers team.
How to help kids be a great team player?
  •  Have clarity about the team goals and the team objectives should always be the top priority for all the team members.
  • Trust others as this is the fundamental keystone of teamwork.
  • Involve them in Team Sports since there is no better way to teach teamwork. Read about the benefits of Team Sports here
  • Teach them to disagree respectfully. There will always be some members who will agree with you and some who won’t.
  • In a team, one is supposed to communicate openly, fearlessly and honestly. You need to ask questions.
  • Personal conflicts and ego clashes have no place in a team.