C for Creativity

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion”
– Jack Kerouac
The concept:

According to the dictionary, Creativity means “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.”

Creativity also is non-conformance to the established and curiosity to discover something different. Looking outside a paradigm and bringing in the facts and perspectives from this new to the original paradigm would also be considered creativity. In simpler terms, thinking out of the box and doing something new leads to the creative outflow.

Creativity has its roots grounded firmly on the values of curiosity & risk-taking and kids are wired naturally to excel in these two. Refer to those innumerable times when you were asked questions ranging from wheels in the cars to the stars in the sky, from butterflies on the flowers to the dump truck on the road. So in that case fostering creativity is not a tough nut to break. Aha, and think again. With our understanding of what is right and what is not, societal norms, peer pressure, & judgments; it is very ambitious to remain mindful of not stepping onto the child’s creative instincts.

So when I had this as a theme of discussion with my kids the other night, some interesting analogies popped up…

The story:

The Toy Story: “The whole concept of the film is fantastic and creative” quotes V (my 6-year-old). Breaking away from the preset of toys are non-living playthings, the director created a whole new world of emotions in them. The story encompasses feelings & affiliation that the toys develop with Andy, the little boy.

The Toy Story

The Sugar Rush:  My 11-year-old daughter is a big “Sugar Rush” enthusiast. A reality TV show, this is about baking awesome cakes. From choosing a creative theme to using creative tools & techniques to building creative cakes – it’s all about creativity.

Few tips to foster creativity in kids:
  • Encourage Free Play in kids. The play time without any specific instructions and rules can really fire kids’ imagination and lead to creative juices flowing. Just sit back and enjoy the flight of fantasy with kids when they are in their creative mode.
  • Encourage them to express themselves with colors & art. Want some inspiration, watch the Art Video here.
  • Allow them to take time every day and help them in identifying and pursuing their interests
  • Cultivate creative thinking by using what-if questions, you would rather do games, board games that encourage creativity in kids
  • Lastly, do not discourage or penalize kids from asking questions, trying out new things & making mistakes.

Happy parenting!