Looking for Good Things To Add To Your Teens Routine says a lot about the sincerity with which we parents want to raise independent & disciplined teens. And as John C Maxwell quoted “The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” So, this blog post is a comprehensive guide for parents, to adding routines and instilling good habits in your teen’s life which she can carry right into adulthood.
As a parent, one of our key responsibility is to draw up a well-planned routine for your child, from the time he is born till her grows up to be an independent adult . And this project of chalking out a good routine should involve active participation from the teen as well.  
This not only makes them feel significant but also increases their ownership of the routine. In turn, this increases the probability of their following the routine with least deviations as possible

Good Things To Add To Your Teens Routine

Routine is a regular way of doing things in a particular order. In a more practical sense, a routine refers to a schedule which is followed every day with aberrations only in case of special situations or exigencies.

Below is the data which depicts the average time spent by US teens on various routine activities. Leisure time that includes both screen times and face to face interactions stands at around 4.19 hours per day. And this is quite a significant chunk of time in a day. 

However I just can’t blame the teens to be guilty for the higher screen times. Research shows that there is a whole army behind making the screens addictive. Read more about this in The y of Screen Addictions in kids.

Good Things to add to a teens Routine

The above data has been sourced by US Department of Health & Human Services. And it showcases the time spent on a regular weekday. 

List of Good things to add to your teens routine

However, the path to finalising this schedule for your teenage kid would not be an easy one. On one hand is your teen’s newly acquired freedom, and on the other end, is her innate urge to challenge your ideas. However, the complexity of this activity offers immense opportunities for you to showcase your own negotiation skills. So it is time to brush up your skills on how to hold positive discussions and how to convince other stakeholders in the discussion. Here is a list of good things to add to your teens routine. 

Spending weekends with extended family

This is a great way to help your child build quality bonds and relationships within the family. And these relationships become a solid foundation for social skills for life. Also this can prove to be a great strength in times when your teenager needs a friend other than you to confide in.

Additionally, your teen should have his fair share of grand parents’ love and adulation as this is an essential part of growing up. SO, all these engagements helps fulfilling safety needs of your teen.

Fix a bedtime and wake-up time

Having a strict bedtime and wake up time schedule and consistently following it is an essential part of any child’s routine. While this will help him get into a healthy routine, on one hand, on the other he will start valuing things like punctuality and time management.  In turn, this will teach the teen to get to his classes on time. It teaches one of the most important life skill which is self-discipline. So invest your time in the conversation and set mutually a good bedtime and wake up time for your teen. 

Develop a group of compatible friends around

Inviting her friends over home during weekends and letting her  stay back at a friend’s place are some ways you can help him build strong friendships. Also, when her friends are over to your place, it is good to interact with them in order to understand whether she is in the right company or not. You can then make her understand the difference between healthy friendship and being bullied into doing things that she is not comfortable with.

Fix time for electronic engagement

This is one crucial area which needs to be given utmost importance. Today’s generation of kids are growing up in the digital environment. And too much time spent in front of the blue screens, electronic and digital media is driving them away from human relationships, into their own cocoon. Hence there has to be a strict routine that needs to be set up by the parent in agreement with the child. And the same needs monitoring too so that the child develops the habit of sticking to timelines.

Fix up time for physical exercise

Let them take out the dog on a walk daily or enrol them for a weekend sports activity. And let them know the benefits of a morning walk, yoga and meditation. This way they are not spending their leisure time with an electronic gadget while learning the importance of following a good physical regime.

Practise the art of charity and volunteering

Volunteering for work related to social causes and community welfare is a great add on to your teen’s routine. If not on a weekly basis, this routine can be done once a month.  One of the best ways to develop kindness and empathy in your children is to volunteer for the cause of less privileged. The entire family can spend time together at an orphanage or an old-age home or help in cleaning up the neighbourhood. Life skills pertaining to empathy, principles of sharing and giving get reinforced in a beautiful manner.

Teach them to respect the environment

Coach them to care for the environment by getting them to help with your gardening on a daily or weekly basis. And, in the absence of a proper garden, they can be taught to grow plants in pots, water them from time to time. Additionally, they can also help you with shopping for vegetables and fruits. Also keeping a pet animal also helps the teen develop an unbreakable bond with other living beings. She will learn to look after the weaker ones and develop a caring attitude. 

For instance, my teen daughter always reminds me to carry the cloth bag with me whenever we go for daily groceries to the super market. I am so proud to say this that she has amazing sense of responsibility towards environment. And these small learnings shape their personality when they enter adulthood. Also this world definitely needs a kinder generation to care for the environment. 

Make them Life long learners

Encourage them to read and explore new learning opportunities. Because, this is one skill which when acquired right ensures their emotional & mental growth for life. Also leaning new things often, keeps them updated and geared for success in professional world too.

I hope you find value in these suggestions about Good things to add to a teens routine. Also do try them and let me know what worked for you.

How to maintain a good routine for your teenager ?

Introducing these good things is only a part of the whole. So, post introduction of the new routine, parents have to enable the execution of the same. At times overlooking small deviations, and lending a helping hand to their overwhelming to do lists proves beneficial. Also, tt goes a long way in developing a strong connect with your teenager. You can read more about how to connect with your teen as a friend here.

However by and large consistently sticking to this set routine will make your teenager pick good habits for life. Also, by setting a holistic scheduled and a good routine for your teenager, you are just not fulfilling the responsibility of raising disciplined teens. In fact, by maintaining a good routine for your teenager you are teaching a life skill that will come handy at various stages of her life.

Maintaining a good routine for your teenager is largely a game of consistency. And developing a habit to be consistent goes a long way in deciding the success in so many things in life. So be it with incorporating gentle reminders about the schedule or be it via attaching logical consequences to the routine, Instil the habit of abiding by the set routine in your teenager.

Chores that should be included in a teens daily routine

Now that we understand the importance of having a set routine in place for teens, it is imperative to design these routines based on the skill levels of your teens. So, ideally a teen should be able to contribute to a list of chores for the household. However the extent to which she can be given responsibility depends upon the composition of the household, income levels and many other factors.

The key factor however should be the time available with your teen. As a parent you decide how your teen is placed in terms of the time at hand. For instance, a teen who is working part time or a teen who is learning a new skill post school should be helped with to fulfil his commitments.

Another important aspect to consider before you set and execute a new routine for your teenager is that your role in the entire project should be that of an enabler. Therefore, have the clarity of intentions in your mind and mindfully take yourself back to the role of supporter. In simpler terms it means to help your teenager, handhold her and take her closer to success. However, there would be times when you would be tempted to shoot out your judgements and sarcasm towards her but please resist. Rather coach her to accomplish her tasks on time and lead a disciplined life. 

List of tasks to be included in a teen’s daily routine:

  • Cleaning her room
  • Making her bed
  • Doing her laundry
  • Cleaning the dishes
  • Helping in the kitchen
  • Completing her homework

Teenager morning Routine checklist

Wake up Time

Set a wake up time that gives your teen an ample time to finish the Teenager Morning Routine Checklist and get to school in time. Getting the mornings structured and planned is a great way to Start a winning day.

Another thing to keep in mind while preparing the Teenager morning Routine Checklist is to focus on starting the day on a happy note. Mornings usually set the tone of the entire day so having a happy start is v important for teens.

The Personal Hygiene Routine

Plan for the things like brushing the teeth, shower time, head wash days that require a little extra time for drying their hair. Having these things in built in the Teenager Morning routine Checklist eases out the anxiety and build in predictability and calmness in their mornings

The Me Time

Building a separate Me time for anything that your teenager loves doing. Be it Exercise or a morning run, be it fiddling a little with her paints or reading book, enter it in her Morning Routine checklist. 

Chores Time

Set some time apart for her to make her bed or collect her laundry. This habit to finish her chores partly in morning is going to stay with your teen for life. 

Getting Ready for School

Gathering things for school , packing her lunch, and getting ready for school should be a part of a Teenager’s morning routine checklist.


Build in the habit of eating healthy breakfast for a good start of their day. And adding it to the Morning routine checklist helps them understand that they cannot skip this step just because they have a lot to do in the day. Additionally, It helps them understand the importance of their own health prioritise it no matter what. 

Teenager night Routine checklist

Healthy Dinner

Having a healthy & a light dinner at a fixed time every day is really a healthy habit to build for your teens. So enter this into their Night Routine Checklist and see your teen wake up happy the next morning

Homework Check

Develop a habit in your teenager to check if she is done with all she was required to do in that day. Homework and school projects are all to be completed. And a final check on these should be a part of Night routine checklist for teenagers.

Plan the next day

Another good habit to build for your teen is the habit to plan the next day. A simple To do list of tasks to be tackled next day should be prepared. And this makes to ready to accomplish these the next day.

Sleep Schedule

A healthy sleep schedule involves setting a decent sleep time that is to be consistently followers every day by your teenager. teenagers need a good quality sleep of 7-9 hours every day. So build that in the Teenager Night Routine Checklist for her. 

Hygiene Routine

Brushing teeth post dinner is a good routine to follow at night and should be a part of Teenager Night Routine Checklist.

Skin Routine

For Teen Girls & boys maintaining a CTM routine is again a healthy habit to follow. So include a Cleansing Toning and Moisturising skin routine to the Night Routine Checklist.

Detox your mind

A very rare but powerful recommendation is to add this to your teen’s night routine is to spend time to Detox their minds. By Detoxing the mind, I mean to segregate one’s thoughts into positive and negative ones. Keep & store the positive ones and delete the negative thoughts out of your mind. Meditation or just sitting silently with one self with this intention is a great way to detox your mind. 

Why is it important for a teen to follow a Daily Routine?

A teen’s life consists of chaos, complexity and disorder at various levels. All the physiological & chemical changes happening in their bodies are to be blamed for so much of havocHowever, having a holistic and well rounded routine in place for your teen helps her feel on top of the things. Following set routine is a great tool that can help them do away with the stress. It eases out the peer pressure and the squeeze they feel often due to competition all around.

Pursuing the nicely prepared and planned routine is one of the key life skill that comes with its set of attractive benefits like –

Routines help your teen feel powerful

Having a routine in place which is well thought of and well-planned helps your teen feel in control of various areas of his life. Since he knows your expectations of him, he can easily and independently add new activities in his schedule. This independence to take his own decisions gives him positive power. And this power helps to make his and your life easier in more than one way. 

A well planned routines build a sense of responsibility

Since the routine is set in collaboration with your teen ager it helps in developing the feeling of ownership in him. A higher sense of responsibility is also an added after effect. Furthermore it significantly increases the probability of your teen abiding by the set routine. 

Routines help your teen manage her time effectively

Well-planned routine always account for all the important activities along with their time slots. So once your teenager is aware of clear schedule for the day she is able to effectively manage time. Additionally, predictability and awareness brings about a sense of calm along with the feeling of self confidence in your teen. 

A well planned routines keep you healthy& happy

A well-executed routine helps to set up the child’s body clock. Standardised sleep time and wake up times do have lot of positive effects on the health and happiness of teens. 

A good routine helps build her self esteem

This is one of the biggest yet inconspicuous benefits of following a good routine. The feeling of being a part of decision making process sends positive signals of importance to your teens, And on top of that, when they feel that they are able to accomplish a lot of their goals helps in a big way to boost their self confidence. Infact this is one of the best strategies that you could employ when you decide to work on your teen’s self esteem. Furthermore, this also helps in giving you the strategies to deal with difficult teen.

So go ahead and bring in those positive changes you have always wanted to and support your teen all through these changes.

Happy Parenting!

Hi, I am Kushal Singhal – Parent of two lovely kids and the Founder of Cafe Whiz.