What is Helicopter parenting style?

Helicopter style of parenting/Overparenting is so called because typical to the helicopter, this type of parents always hover around their kids. They are over-protective – trying to control every aspect of the child’s life. The control is overdone. Studies into the nature of helicopter parents have shown that they over-indulge because either they do not want their child to go through struggles and hardships or because they worry about the child’s future or because they themselves were neglected as kids or because they are simply trying to copy the style of a close one. While some experts believe that over-parenting starts on a good note, the end result is quite often the opposite. Kids of such parents generally are governed by fear and strict decisions

Characteristics of Helicopter Parenting Style

  • When the child is a toddler these parents give him no alone time. Always playing with him and forever following him like a shadow.
  • In the tween age, such parents select friends for the kid, over assist in their homework, might pick up the phone and speak to the child’s teacher on a regular basis, so on and so forth. Even for settling fights between two kids, they will intervene and settle on their child’s behalf.
  • For adolescent kids, parents decide the teachers and coaches on behalf of the child, manage their habits, decide which course to choose for higher studies, keep speaking to their teachers and professors to understand reasons behind poor grades etc. 
  • As adults, these parents will call up the boss or the superior of the child in the office to settle disputes or protest unfair treatment.
  • They are obsessed with their kids.

Impact of Helicopter Parent on Child’s Self image

  • These kids lack confidence and have low levels of self-esteem.
  • Being spoon-fed on almost all aspects of life, these kids are a complete mess when handling disappointments, losses, and failures. Their coping skills towards the stresses of life are highly under-developed.
  • The child is prone to depression and anxiety related issues.
  • The child is dependent on his parents even for small little age-appropriate everyday tasks that he is perfectly capable of doing on his own if he had been allowed to do so.

Impact of Helicopter parent on Child’s Social Skills

  • Having been over-protected all through life, these kids are lost without their parents around. From conversing with others to respecting others opinions, they could be complete failures in handling relationships. 
  • With underdeveloped social skills, they are quite unfit in social circles.

Impact of Helicopter on Child’s Academics

  • The kids are academically prepared to face exams and tests but their intelligence levels are questionable. 
  • With parents doing their homework and projects these kids find it difficult to handle studies on their own and hence can fail miserably in case of impromptu tests in schools and colleges. 

Impact of Helicopter Parent on Child’s Life

  • Their sense of responsibility is the least developed.
  • They tend to cry at slightest disappointments. 
  • These kids are not good at accepting their faults and mistakes and own up.
  • As adults, when they move out of the home they tend to feel lost in the crowd which could lead to depression and negative outcomes.

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