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Holistic Health is The New Black!

Come to the start of 2019 and all my social media timelines are full of New Year Resolutions… Resolutions like losing weight, reducing stress, travelling far and wide and partnering meaningful relationsahips.

While Losing weight has been an eternal struggle glorified by the size zero figures and the fad diets right from Low Carbs to Atkins, from Paleo to Ketogenic.

But is the good health only about losing weight? The horizons of good health are further melting down and now it is the seamless amalgamation of good physical health and happy mental & emotional states that form the dimensions of the holistic health.

Holistic Health

This new year 2019 has come with a lot of positive motivation for me to work on these areas and make my life a more fulfilling one. Sharing here my list of resolutions that are in line with the Holistic Health and Parenting. Get inspired to join the trend wagon…

  1. Walking 12000 steps: It is absolutely not about the weight loss for me anymore. A few extra inches and a few or more extra pounds are ok to live with, given that I feel healthy and fit. So it is more about fitness than weight loss in 2019. In all my conversations with self, walking and completing 12000 steps a day is for feeling fit and not for losing weight anymore.
  2. No Scream Parenting:  Although yelling and screaming as a parent give you the desired results in the instant that you do, it definitely does have a not so positive impact on children. It is the fear that gives you results and this is neither a long lasting nor a relationship strengthening trigger for desired results. For 2019, I intend to choose my battles wisely and use more love & empathy than scream at my kids.
  3. Eat More Raw & Home cooked: Eating raw food, food that is locally grown and home cooked foods have immense health benefits. Starting from positively impacting the heart health to improving digestion by providing more fiber, from keeping the antioxidants and nutrients potent to being easily digestible, raw foods are a great addition to your health resolutions. And when it is not raw let it be preferably home cooked.
  4. Say more Yes than a No: This is so required at my home. I am programmed to utter a “No” at the drop of a hat. It is my first natural response but over a period of time, I have seen my kid replicating the same in front of me and I know completely how it feels to hear a “No” on every other instant. So it is an intentional effort to be mindful in answering a Yes in as many situations I can. You can read about ways to delete a No and insert a Yes in your communication with kids here. Also, read about how to deal with your toddlers’ endless No here.
  5. Be more giving: This one has to do with increasing my Good Karma. This is a great way to start communicating my gratitude to the universe and then going a step ahead and sharing my good fortune in form of my mind space, my physical efforts and my financial assistance are somethings in my to-do list for 2019.
  6. Learn more:2018 has been a great year for me. I learned many new things from Sourdough bread baking to preparing chemical free soaps and creams, from gardening to preparing kimchi, kombuchas, kefir probiotics, from mandala making to healthy baking, I did it all. 2019, I plan to learn newer things and find better pastures and cozier corners.

So this is my list of Health Resolutions for 2019. Am participating in the #BlogchatterHealthwatch. Do join in with your health resolutions and get inspired…

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