How can parents help with teenage boy BMI and in turn contribute positively in reducing the obesity epidemic around the globe? Obesity is a fast spreading devil that would prompt significant wellbeing challenges in the near future. 

Increased BMI in teens is a becoming big challenge globally and more so in the developed nations. With Technology easing-out the lives of our teens, inadequate physical activity and wrong eating habits and 2 major reasons behind obesity in the world. 

Therefore, it is time we shift our focus from raising just well behaved and professionally successful teens to raising a fitter, healthier & happier generation of teen boys.  

How can parents help with Teenage Boy BMI

To start with let us have a look below at some statistics regarding eating habits in our Young teenage boys. This is clearly indicative of the fact that irregular and bad eating habits have an established impact on unhealthy BMI. And in turn on the unhealthy weight in teens. 

So the first step to helping your teen boy with his BMI is to straighten out his eating habits. Start with ensuring a healthy start to his day with a good and nourishing breakfast. Pack a healthy yet exciting meal for lunch with him to school too. All of this needs to be carefully planned and arranged for in order to support him in his endeavour to get healthy.

how can parents help with teenage boy BMI

The Above data has been sourced from NCBI, USA.

Strategies on “How can Parents help with Teenage boy BMI”

Setting healthy lifestyle & habits start from childhood. And teenage is just an extension of already built in understanding of health over everything else. The entire onus of health lies on parents, friends and peers also play a huge role in influencing teen’s choices.

The following is the list of strategies parents can use to direct their teenage sons to a healthier BMI. And hence a healthier lifestyle.

Inspire him to work out to get a healthy BMI

As far keeping up a good BMI is concerned, comprehensive & holistic exercise schedule is an incredible practise to add. Boys generally get more inclined towards body building & gymming to look their best while they enter the teen years.

The key here is to work on it consistently and add it as a part of their daily morning or post school routine. Another tip I can extend is to let him make his exercise routine a fun for him. Let him hang around with his friends post gym or let him exercise with his friends. Adding some fun component to the activity routine can build his inspiration to work out manifolds.

Another significant point is that you as a parent need to walk the talk and exercise yourself too. Have the everyday practice set up for your own self and implement it religiously.

Make him join a Team Sport and watch him achieve his BMI Goals

While we understand the significance of scholastics, it is still out of the vision of numerous parents to comprehend the significance of taking part in group games.Teenage Boys get to learn an entire array of fundamental abilities & Life skills while they take part in Team Sports.

Apart from developing good team working skills, & cooperation abilities, it takes a shot at your teenage boy’s physical and mental wellness as well. Infact not just team working dynamics, your teenage boy can learn many more skills  for life like negotiation and how to deal with failures.

Give him options to Eat Healthy & see him reach a healthy BMI

If your teenage son lives with you, Do speak to him often about healthy eating alternatives. Teenagers these days love to eat outside and junk foods. It is a humungous task to keep them away from junk food when their entire peer group & friends eat Junk all the time. However giving in to these pressures is not an option for us parents.

So what we can do is tell him to maintain a balance between healthy & junk food. Make rules around this if need be. So if he is having a junk meal, make sure he eats super healthy in the other 2 meals of the day.

Additionally, there is a lot you can teach your boy to choose healthier options while he is out with friends. This can be done by discussing what’s healthy and what’s not. Another important inspiration comes from you choosing to eat healthy & stay fit in your life.

Involve him in cooking up meals & inspire him to eat healthy for optimum BMI

This is an augmentation of preparing well balanced and nourishing meals at home. Intentionally including your teenage boy in meal preparation and planning is an incredible method to discuss generally long winded subject of Junk Food.

Talking about what’s nutritionally nourishing diet helps in breaking a great deal of myths in your adolescents minds.

And while you are doing that, you are fundamentally also teaching your teenage son to cook. This is an essential life skill to have for all human beings.

Encourage him to eat clean and enable him to achieve his BMI goals

Another significant obstruction to great wellbeing nowadays is synthetic loaded, pre cooked and packed meals accessible in our supermarkets. Settling on a deliberate decision about eating whole foods and not packaged and processed food is another fulfilling way to see your teen son progress towards his health goals.

Create Mindfulness about wellbeing and healthy BMI

Another significant skill to ingrain in our teenagers is being mindful about their good health & wellbeing. Being aware of what they are eating and what impacts will that have on their bodies is an awesome beginning to getting sound and fit.

Teach him to De stress himself & progress towards optimal BMI

Moreover, familiarity with stress and its triggers and how teenagers react to them is additionally an incredible expertise to have. Teenagers and even grown-ups have been blameworthy of over eating and eating nutrient-deficient and body-harming junk foods when affected by stress in their day today lives. So teach him to take care of himself emotionally and mentally too.

Coach him to maintain a decent screen time & move closer to his BMI goals

Screens, technology & convenience that is attached to it all is creating hazards for our health. On one hand, it is the ill effects of being glued to the screens, while on the other hand, it is physical inactivity that is manifolding the harms of digital attraction.

So coaching your teenage son to maintain a good screen time and avoid screen addiction is a great way to get healthier.

These were some of the key ways that that parents can help teen boys reach their ideal BMI. If you would like to read about How can Parents help teenage girl BMI, read here.

Key Reasons to High BMI in Teenage Boys

Obesity is increasing at disturbing rates globally as an ever increasing number of young people are currently experiencing overweight-related issues. In the adulthood, obesity has been associated with a number of health issues. It influences the cardio vascular health & can prompt diabetes. Some genuine mental issues like sadness, low confidence, stress are likewise caused because of obesity in teens and so forth.

Below is the list of key reasons leading to obesity in teen boys

Sedentary Lifestyles

With the development of the advanced media and stage, most teenagers today invest the greater part of their energy before the blue screen. Physical action is practically insignificant with teenagers being physically latent. As opposed to playing outside, youngsters invest their free energy inside viewing the screens.Be it TV or surfing the net or messing around on the web. This is one of the significant reasons of adolescents putting on weight nowadays.

Stress & Boredom

Stress can be a fundamental cause of obesity in many teens. It causes youngsters to gorge. The reasons for stress in teenage boys can be many. From having to choose the right careers, to perform in sports, while have a good muscular body to having the right girl by their side, teen boys do undergo a lot of pressure from friends and society. 

Add to this, the ease with which junk food is available at every nook and corner of the street. The teens are having a tough time making the right choices in terms of foods. 

Also, when your teen boy is feeling bored, he might want to get back to food again even though he is not hungry. So identifying the reason for this urge to eat frequently is imperative to providing him the right solution. So getting the right dose of challenge and variety of activities to do can help you fix this issue of frequent urge to eat in teen boys. Volunteering for some good cause, planting a tree, working on bettering the environment or learning to ideate and create his own mobile apps can be some of the creative ways to keep your young teen boy engaged.

Junk Eating

Adolescents love to eat junk, quick and seared nourishment that have zero dietary benefit. This nourishment is loaded with counterfeit sugars, oils and other harmful ingredients that are excessively high on empty calories. Treats, chocolates, frozen yogurts, confections, likewise lead to undesirable weight gain in adolescents. Juices, soda pops are brimming with sugar that affects the BMI to rise to unhealthy levels.

Irregular Eating Habits

As the data above depicts eating disorders like irregular meals, skipping important meals and not eating sufficient natural foods like fruits & vegetables are some of the major causes of getting over weight.

Genetic factors

Sometimes obesity is attributed to the genes. However, it is not essential that every child in the family will have weight related issues, if it is a family problem. But if it is in the genes, the chances or the risks of being overweight or obese will be high in the teens.


With both the parents working full time to make the ends meet, many times just the convenience of using food from supermarket or take away becomes a habit. Therefore, eating Ready to eat or restaurant meals frequently devoid your teens of the essential nutrients and quality food. 

Harmful effects of High BMI in teenage boys

Maybe not very critical in this age but as they grow older they become more susceptible to develop some serious health disorders. Also, there has been a direct correlation between the high BMI and various cardio vascular diseases. Diabetes, high blood pressure, abdominal fat and high bad cholesterol are just few examples. Moreover, overweight Teens are also more prone to asthma, sleep related issues.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases and regular bone fractures are also seen in more often in obese teens. Additionally, obese teens also suffer from low self-esteem, depression, loneliness, hopelessness. Further more, they are more prone to fall prey to bullies too. And having a high BMI Teen boy is a wake up call for parents to start introspecting and finding their own answer to “How can parents help with Teenage boy BMI”

How can Parents help with Teenage Boy BMI when he has low BMI

Ideally Low BMI Teen should take ideal amounts of nutrition. So, if he is not lacking in energy and deficiency in any vital and trace nutrients in his medical reports, it is not a big cause to worry. Infact the focus has to be on making him eat healthy nutrition and well balanced meals during the day.

However the advice from an expert medical practitioner never hurts and should not be replaced with information from this post. Additionally, this information is good to build your knowledge but not to take critical decisions basis it. Infact I would advice you to take any and every health related decision with proper advice from a trained medical professional.

So this is all about How parents can help with teenage boy BMI. And, I hope you would have gained some real insights out of this post. So, do let me know in comments if you found this helpful.

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