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  1. Yes, I am struggling with my son’s emotion management skills. Going to head back to your blog for some sound workable tips. All the best for #BlogchatterProjects

    • says:

      Thanks Anupriya. we are super happy to have you here. Kindly subscribe to our blog to not miss out on the relevant content. Cheers!

  2. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Wow this is really a great initative and I agree hoilistc development of kids is such a big responsibility and its really helpful that you are creating a community that will support parents. looking forward to reading more posts from you. all the best #CleanEatingBysurbhi #BlogchatterProjects

  3. As a parent of two small chilren, this is a project i would be keen to follow… Wishing you e best of luck with the initiative.

  4. writenlive says:

    CafeWhiz has such a progressive vision.

    I have always wanted to impart life skills to my children. The academics are taken care of very well by the educators. In fact, there is too much focus on studies and absolutely nil stress on the real life management skills.

    Thanks for this excellent initiative!

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