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Moms – Are you an Empty cup or Life full?

Moms – Are you an Empty cup or Life full?

While they say parenting is a demanding & challenging job, a mother’s role is undoubtedly much more effortful and tough. Most of the times, she becomes the sole provider for her kids – emotionally and physically. From the moment her baby arrives in the world, her entire existence is centered on the child.

Whether it’s the working moms or the stay-at-home ones, her entire day is revolved around doing tasks for her children. From chasing her kids around to get going with their daily schedules to preparing meals, from cleaning up the mess at home to attending to the endless laundry, teaching them important life skills to exercising the best of strategies of her parenting skills, she is  involved each minute, throughout the day, leaving her little time for herself.

The situation that we often see these days at home is that we mothers are so involved in taking care of our families, work and society demand that we often start to suffer on personal and health fronts. Stress, anxiety, and guilt are our constant companions and Selfcare is our last priority. Physically and emotionally drained, making efforts to pull the world demands get overwhelming more often than not.

Selfcare for Moms

And as they say “ You can’t pour from an empty cup, so fill yourself first”. So the answer to this overwhelm is simply found in “Selfcare first”. As human beings, mothers need to relax and run a bit slow so that they are able to enjoy their role as mothers better. It is only when mothers are able to take out time from their rushed up a schedule and spend that time taking care of themselves will they be in a better frame of mind.  And when mothers are relaxed and happy, they will be able to spread more happiness around.

Top Selfcare tips for Moms

1.  A walk and exercise regime is essential. By doing so, you will be in shape, you will be able to maintain your energy levels and also the quietness around will help clear your mind of clutter & stress. Morning walks, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and meditation  – Pick anyone which you like but get moving. Having a little child at home is no excuse for not going on a simple walk since babies enjoy nature the most.

Still, Need more motivation:  If you still need some motivation, here is a reminder to the face that exercise helps in reducing cortisol that further reduces stress and clears anxiety. So put on your shoes and step out.

2. Eat and drink well. It is essential to get the right nourishment into your body. While there is no second opinion that your kids need to eat healthy foods, it is true for your own body too. Also, there is no substitute to water – keep your body well hydrated and well nourished goes a long way in maintaining healthy energy throughout the day that does not let you feel tired easily.

Still, Need more motivation: Your eating and drinking routine is an important parenting skill to get your children into correct eating and drinking habits. Remember, kids, watch you, copy you and learn from you.

3. Get your eight hours of relaxed sleep every day. Lack of sleep is one of the key reasons to fatigue which then leads to mood swings, tempers and in the long run to weight gain, depression and even long-term diseases like diabetes and heart related problems. So work on getting apt amounts of sleep even during an afternoon if nights are difficult.

Still, Need more motivation: Sleep is the time when your body heals and recovers from any deviations. It is important for your immunity and energy.

4. Stay connected with your circle of girlfriends. Remember they are your best bet when it comes to talking things out and taking advices. They provide support, help boost your self-esteem, make you feel good and most importantly help you divert your attention from your motherly responsibilities. Meeting them once in a while, speaking to them regularly over the phone or chatting through social media – you can do any of these and more to maintain your friendships.

Still, Need more motivation: Your friends help you find important things you would have lost on the way – your smile, your hope, your confidence and yourself!

5. Spending some quality me-time alone. You can read, listen to music, sit out and appreciate nature, soak in a bath-tub or pursue a long-lost hobby or interest – this way your spirits are pepped up giving yourself reasons to smile and believe in yourself.

Still, Need more motivation: Selfcare is NOT Selfish!

6. Ask for help from your spouse, kids or extended family. This way you share your load while making the other person feel wanted. Don’t feel guilty of requesting others to help. By donning the role of a mother it is unfair to assume that you are a Superwoman and all tasks are your responsibilities alone.

7. Never miss your routine health check-up. Just like you would never let your children miss theirs. Neglecting your health in order to take care of your family is not a wise decision. Fix a proper schedule and go for your annual tests and shots without fail.

8. Go out and do your errands yourself. It is essential to move out of the home environment on a regular basis. Whether it is buying grocery or just to enjoy the sun, you need to be outdoors for a certain period of time to enhance your mood.

9. Spend meaningful time with your partner. Go out for movies, dinners, walks or even a simple drive together. Let your friends or family babysit while you spend time with each other once in a while.

10. Be grateful. Don’t crib. Time flies by fast. If the room is messed up, it’s okay. Enjoy the reason behind the mess-up rather than focussing completely on getting it cleaned.

Selfcare is the best gift you can give to your child. Be the Life-full Moms…

Happy Parenting!

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