Never Quit is all about determination and grit

The Concept

Never Quit & Never Give up attitude is when a person is not ready to accept or acknowledge defeat or be crushed, whatever be the circumstances. Such people are strong-willed and determined and bounce back to life and never give in, even in adverse situations.

The Story:

This is how my 11 years old and 6-year-old understood the Never give up attitude.

The Disney Movie Cinderella showcases the perfect character of a person who never quits. Even in the face of such difficult times, she tries being good with her stepsisters and stepmother, accepts their all unfair rules, works hard, sews her own dress but still is unable to get what she desires. So does she quit after so many efforts? No, she prays for help and then appears her fairy godmother and everything falls in place. never quit attitude is not just about sticking to your dreams and working towards fulfilling them, but also equally about how to fulfill those dreams and what if one is unable to do the needful. Asking for help at the right time, praying and keeping the faith are equally important pillars of Never Quit Attitude.


Do you know that the writer of the Harry Potter series, Ms. JK Rowling had to go through tough times being a single mom and without a job? She was rejected by almost 12 leading English publishers before Bloomsbury; a small-time publisher paid her a nominal advance and agreed to publish the Harry Potter novels. Today she is one of the most popular female authors of our times.

JK Rowling


  • JK Rowling’s story tells us that even in unwanted circumstances you cannot afford to give up or quit. Only those who are adamant and stick around taste success.

How can I develop the never quit attitude?

    1. Develop an attitude of persistence. Just because someone does not believe in you or says you cannot do anything doesn’t mean that you need to accept that. Have faith in yourself. Believe in your dreams. And keep trying. You have to be obstinate when it comes to developing a never say die attitude.
    2. It is also about being passionate about your objective and goals.  When you have the desire and passion, you will never want to quit.
    3. Have a resilient attitude. No one can break you. Every time you fail or fall down, get up with more vigor and strength – accept that failure is a part of the road to success.
    4. And lastly when in self-doubt, try to maneuver your thoughts into thinking that it is possible, you can do it, it’s within your means.