When it Rains, Look for Rainbows, And when it is dark Look for Stars.

Optimism: The Concept:

Optimism is all about being hopeful and flexible, Optimism means looking at the positive side of things & situations. Optimistic people usually have a happy constituency. They always see and interpret the good in all people and situations. They are happy when others succeed in life and are always encouraging others around. 

Rafiki, the Lion King

I remember the famous saying of Rafiki from the Lion King – “The past can hurt. you can either run from it or learn from it”.

The Story:

Outstanding examples of optimistic and pessimist people

Remember Thomas from the popular television series, Thomas and Friends. A locomotive engine with human characteristics and facial reactions, Thomas will always be remembered for the big grin on his face. He may have many faults, but he is famous amongst his circle of friends for being friendly and helpful, with a heart of gold, he is always ready to see the positive side of all situations.

Thomas, Thomas & Friends

  • With a friend like Thomas by your side, there could be very little reason of worry.

The Littlest Pet Shop is a world-famous toy brand and various comic television and cartoon series have been filmed on this theme. The character of the Tiger in this collection represents a thoroughly bored figure that is locked and wants to escape from the Pet Shop. He has lost all hopes of escaping from the prison and keeps discouraging others from undertaking any endeavor.


  • He is a perfect representation of a pessimistic character.

How to be optimistic in life?

  1. Optimistic people don’t spend time on the problem at hand; they rather focus on finding the right solution.
  2. It is a good idea to assess the entire day daily. This will serve two purposes – it will allow for understanding areas that need improvement and will provide an instant boost to your mood and energy levels.
  3. As you walk along the path of optimism, you will encounter different obstacles. You need to ponder on the routine distractions and work extra hard to remove them.
  4. If possible, set up a role model whom you can take inspiration from.
  5. Keep appreciating yourself for the good work done. 
  6. In order to keep optimism levels high ensure that you feel good – undertake healthy regimes to make sure that your body is healthy and happy too.