What is the permissive or indulgent style of parenting?

The Permissive style of parenting is exactly opposite to that of the authoritarian style where there are too many limitations on the child. The underlying concept of this style is that parents are friends with their kids rather than being strict and disciplinarians. They are called indulgent parents because they allow their children to follow their minds and hearts, let them do whatever they want, there is limited discipline in the house, there are almost no rules to follow and children are allowed to make their own choices and take decisions. 

Characteristics of this particular style
  • Permissive parents are extreme cases as they let their child have their way.
  • There is warmth & affection in the parent-child relationship
  • There is open and two-way communication happening where the child is able to express his views and opinions fearlessly.
  • Children grow up to be good problem solvers as they are used to analyzing situations and taking decisions on their own and fending for themselves.
  • Parents are more of friends and hence step in to help only when the situation is critical or serious. Even when the child makes wrong or a bad choice they typically do not intervene – as a result, the child is left to fend for himself, literally.
  • There is way too much independence and freedom with almost zero parental interference and disciplinarian actions.
  • They tend to give bribe to their kids like toys and gifts to have them behave well.
Impact of a Permissive Parent on Child’s Self image:
  • Such children tend to develop problems related to loneliness and could have issues related to sadness, depression and low self-esteem. They also have low self-control and self-discipline.
Impact of a Permissive Parent on Child’s EQ
  • Issues like underage alcohol consumption and drug abuse are quite common in such kids.
Impact of a Permissive Parent on Child’s Social Skills
  • They lack good habits because there have been no enforcement from the parents on the same.
  • Such children tend to take rules casually and likely to face issues in social setups. They are typically rude and aggressive.
Impact of a Permissive Parent on Child’s Academics
  • Academically they are low performers because since their parents have no expectations from them, they do not feel motivated enough to take their studies seriously.
  • Since there are hardly any rules at home, such kids tend to watch TV limitlessly, indulge in extended screen time, eat junk food etc.
Impact of a Permissive Parent on Child’s Life
  • Children have very little respect for authority and hence can face problems in schools, colleges and even in their professional lives. 
  • The child may mature much before time because he knows he has to take care of himself.
  • They tend to have more physical health problems because they can eat and drink whatever they want.

Permissive parenting style causes long-term damage to the child. Kids may love their parents for non-interference and being lenient, but the truth is that kids need a certain structure and rules that make them feel safe and wanted. In the lack of such a structure, they tend to give in and fall easy prey to vicious habits and even sadistic people around.  

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