What is the permissive/indulgent style of parenting?

Permissive parents are extremely loving and nurturing. But they do not exercise any kind of discipline or control over their kids. These parents work on the concept that ‘kids will be kids’. This parenting style is a relaxed form of raising kids. 

Characteristics of Permissive Parenting style
  • Overtly loving parents.
  • Presence of almost zero disciplinary rules. In other words, discipline is minimal and in case the present is quite unstructured and inconsistent.
  • They behave more like friends and less like parents.
  • The atmosphere is relaxed. There is too much space and there are absolutely zero efforts at enforcing systematized rules. 
  • These parents generally offer their kids bribes like toys and gifts so that the child behaves properly.
  • Punishments do not exist in this household. 
  • Parents give their kids too much freedom from initial years itself so much so that even in major decision making the child is asked for his opinions and views. 
  • Parents appear to be quite indecisive to their kids. 
  • The attitude of parents is that they are okay with whatever the child does.
  • Parents are never around to help the child in decision- making. 
Impact of permissive/indulgent Parent on Child’s Self image
  • Self-control and self-regulation pose to be very challenging to these kids. Discipline is a big issue with these kids. 
  • Tend to be either over-confident or lack confidence. Lacks self-direction.
  • As the child is left to fend for himself literally, responsible for his own actions, he suffers from a sense of insecurity and his reasoning powers to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong are under-developed. 
Impact of the permissive/indulgent parent on Child’s Social Skills
  • Poorly developed social skills lacking thoroughly in the knowledge of proper behavior in social circles. Some of them, however, tend to be friendly and sociable because they look for security outside the home. 
  • Self-centered, selfish and demanding kids because they are used to getting too much space from their parents and no one has ever taught them about social skills that focus on sharing and caring for others. 
  • The kids have poor emotional bonding with people around and do not bond quite well with others.
Impact of permissive/indulgent parents on Child’s Academics
  • These kids typically have lower academic achievements. 
  • With no explicit expectations from their parents, these kids are not motivated enough to work towards achieving anything substantial in life. 
  • With parents having absolutely no involvement in the child’s current life or future, these kids would rather waste their time instead of showing any interest or desire in pursuing their dreams or ambitions.
Impact of permissive/indulgent Parent on Child’s Life
  • Kids of permissive parents are poor decision makers and extremely bad at problem-solving.
  • These kids tend to take impractical decisions. They also tend to be attracted to illegal and harmful elements and activities. 
  • Kids tend to be aggressive, are generally confused, immature, emotionally dependent on their partners, and tend to make pitiable choices in life. 

Permissive parents are generally too caught up their own lives or have gone through oppressive childhood and hence do not involve themselves in their kids’ lives. 


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