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Please, Sorry & Thank You

Situation 1:     Zoom in to the time when you feel totally raged, stuck & jammed in situations, the anger has taken the precedence and you can’t imagine any other thing but your own genuineness, the opposite person seems wrong at not one but many places.

Zoom Out

Situation 2:      Now zoom in to that time when you did something going out of the way for a colleague and when the spotlight was on & the badge of honor was on way, he just missed mentioning you in his felicitation speech…

Zoom Out

Situation 3:      Zoom in to the incident on the crowded street where a stranger just pushed pass you roughly.

Zoom Out

Let’s press the refresh button…

Situation 4:      You just got your hands on to these lovely pair of socks which are comfortable, breathable and stylish at the same time and you are just in a good mood for no reason.

What do you think is the connection between all of the above situations?

To put it simply
  • Situation 4 is very soothing, joyful & refreshing.
  • The first three situations make you feel very weary.
  • Adding “Please”, “Sorry” & “Thank you” in your conversations can refresh your life and conveniently take you to the feelings of Situation 4.

So Why not use them n make our lives easy, positive n fulfilling.

Please Sorry and Thank You!


Importance of saying Please, Sorry and Thank you

The three magic words – Please, Sorry and Thank You – are simple words that summarize what civilization and civilized people are all about. These words carry a lot of significance and meaning. Teaching kids the right use of these words and the appropriate place to use them can go a long way in developing a winning attitude in kids. In fact, the proper use of these three magic words is essential to teach our kids very important life skills pertaining to humility, modesty, being courteous, apology and repentance.

What do these magical words do? The right usage of these words can make people feel happy, wanted, respected, appreciated and loved.

These three magical words help children hone the essential social skills which in turn help them interact positively with their peers, companions, seniors, and juniors and make them build stronger relationships. These act as a soothing balm especially when you need to calm people or placate their tempers. When these three words are used well and meaningfully, you are able to get the cooperation and support of people around. However, the most important aspect that needs to be taught to kids is the intention behind using these words. Is it spoken with an intent to pacify the hurt Or is it spoken just to do away with the burden of guilt and obligation? Is it spoken with an intent to get common results or to manipulate one’s way and follow hidden agendas?

Use of Please

There exists a very thin line that divides a demand and a request. A ‘please’ is what makes it sound like a request and minus it, even a well-intentioned request seems like a command. One of the simplest ways to ask for help and support from another person is to add this magical word either before a sentence or after. Smart Kids need to be taught early in life to start using it the right way.

Use of Sorry

The right usage of this word can make people overlook even your biggest mistakes. The meaning behind saying a ‘sorry’ is that you are sincerely apologizing for something that has hurt another person, that your intentions were not wrong and that you didn’t mean to harm the person. Kids need to understand that human beings are not perfect and it is quite natural to commit mistakes that hurt other people. ‘Sorry’ is the means to ask for forgiveness, to accept our faults, to show regret and a promise that the same will not be repeated again. The ability to swallow one’s pride and ego and own up is one of the vital life skills that children need to learn fast.

Use of Thank You –This Miraculous phrase is the best way to show your gratitude towards another person. Small or big, all deeds of another person that they do for you should be acknowledged with a ‘thank you’. And for Smart Kids, it has more relevance because, in their formative years, they need to understand the importance of making another person happy by expressing appreciation for all their efforts.

Happy Parenting!!





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