What is the Positive style of Parenting?

Positive parenting grows from the mindset that no baby is born with bad virtues – they become flawed individuals while.growing up when they acquire a few incorrect traits and attitudes. Hence all children, if treated with love, respect, empathy and disciplined the right way, can grow up to be matured and helpful individuals. Rather than being strict and punishing kids for wrong behaviors, positive parents use love and warmth to teach their kids the right from the wrong and make them learn smart skills meant for kids.

Characteristics of Positive Parenting Style
  • Parents are very attentive, responsive and loving to their kids.
  • There is an intentional use of positive communication & mutual respect among all members of the household.
  • A safe, secure and interesting environment at home that encourages kids to go after their interests and develop skills accordingly. This additionally offers the perfect solution to the question every parent has, i.e how to make kids smart.
  • Appreciation and praises for work well-done are exchanged freely and in abundance.
  • Disciplinary rules and regulations exist, and kids are made aware of the consequences clearly if they disobey. Negotiations are allowed with older children. Positive parents strive to be consistent with the rules and the boundaries set so that kids know that their parents are serious about the same.
  • Positive parents do not expect unrealistic and unreasonable things from their kids. They are aware of the pluses and minuses of their kids and set expectations accordingly. They believe that each child is unique and hence has his/her own individuality and should be encouraged to develop the same.
  • Parents are role models for their kids. They are patient, kind, honest, happy and positive so that their kids follow in their footsteps and use the most appropriate child discipline methods.
  • Positive parents try to convert all episodes of misbehavior into a learning lesson so that the kids are able to take back some important life skills from each event.
Impact of Positive Parent on Child’s Self image
  • Positive and happy kids who are ready to take on the world optimistically.
  • Highly levels of self-control, self-discipline, and self-esteem.
  • Resilient and dynamic kids.
Impact of Positive Parent on Child’s Social Skills
  • Extremely well-behaved, these kids have a likable personality and hence are able to mix well with all types of people with ease.
  • They tend to be good listeners, have lots of empathy and are good at counseling and encouraging others in bringing out the best in them.
Impact of Positive Parent on Child’s Academics
  • Happy kids tend to perform much better academically than the unhappy and depressed ones. Children of positive parents do well in life and achieve great heights because they have been taught and trained to handle each situation and person positively.
Impact of Positive Parent on Child’s Life
  • Have optimistic ways of looking at things.
  • These kids tend to be solution seekers and providers rather than being stuck on the problem alone.
  • Have strong and firm relationships and nurture them well. 

Having a house full of loving and exciting kids is so much fun and is such a rewarding journey for a parent. Positive parents are able to attain that kind of a relationship with their kids because they are able to focus all their energies on the constructive aspects of their child.

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