“Love can move mountains”

The concept:

Love they say is the universal language of hearts. Love they say needs no reason or logic.

Love, understanding, empathy, and affection are the best gifts parents can give to their kids. Love makes kids stronger both mentally & emotionally. Love teaches kids to be more giving, supporting & watching the other person’s back at the times of need in a relationship. Love can motivate, encourage & positively boost the self-esteem of the kids. The power of Love is often underestimated however the fact is that love makes living life worthwhile.

The story:

This is where my kids aged 11 & 5 discovered the power of Love:

The Lion King presents a fantastic account of how Power of Love between Simba & Nala fills them with the courage to go through not so good times in their lives and how their love proved to be their strength in such times. Nala, not only encourages Simba to return to The Pride Rock but also ably assisted him in becoming the king of Pride Rock.

Simba & Nala

The younger chap came up with an example of Love that melted me right away. He could instantly relate Love to his mother & that made speechless and short of words…

V & me

How to encourage kids to be loving:

Fill their buckets with immense love and they would definitely be more loving & more giving. There is no more strategy to it. It is simple.

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