We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.

The concept:

Problem Solving refers to the process of finding solutions to seemingly difficult or complex issues. It involves a clear understanding of the problem statement, identifying all alternatives, weighing the options for the pros and cons, long term and short term impact and then choosing the best fitting alternative as a solution. However, taking it to the next level and seamlessly executing the chosen solution is the right closure to the problems that we face.

Problems that we face in our life are meant to enable us to think creatively & emotionally to come up with the best solution.

The Story:

Tron, An American Science fiction action-adventure film, is a good movie to watch and learn the nitty gritties of Problem Solving process & attitudes. The fundamental learning of “Never be afraid of problems” and that “Every problem does have many solutions” are beautifully depicted in the movie. Apart from this, listening to your inner voice, executing small action steps, enjoying the overall journey of solving the problem, not to begrudge, and never to take action from the state of restlessness, fear or impatience are all other critical learnings that are presented in the movie. The amazing add on learnings of breaking your untrue assumptions and taking the human element into consideration while solving problems is something that can take one from a mere problem solver to an empathetic leader. A must watch movie, it is.

Also, I think Popeye solved one of the biggest problems of every mother i.e how to make kids like their greens. So I just could not resist mentioning him as a great problem solver of all times. Kids love spinach because of Popeye. He made it popular among the little ones and spinach sales appreciated big time after Popeye endorsed and ate it.

How to develop problem-solving skills?
  1. Identify the problem statement and focus on kids gaining clarity. I try and use my coaching skills to question and derive answers from my kids on the issue at hand. This helps them in understanding and defining clearly the problem.
  2. Always try and brainstorm various alternatives. This where one needs to be creative, be assumption free and think out of the box.
  3. Carefully analyse all the solutions at hand and choose the best one.
  4. Execute & review.

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