Focus on a single task and keep measuring it for best results

The Concept:

Being focused is a skill that requires you to pay dedicated attention even when surrounded by distractions. In every sphere of life, having an undeterred focus is the sure shot way to success. It is all about starting a work and finishing it with hundred-percent concentration – undertaking efforts to see that the task at hand is completed as desired, even in the face of setbacks or discouragements.

The Story

Eight-year-old Kevin in the Home Alone series is too young, yet he is undaunted and ready to go to any extent to save his home and himself from a couple of burglars. The way he mustered courage and came up with age-appropriate intelligent means like the booby traps to keep the thieves out of his home is praiseworthy! He could do this only because he focused all his energies on protecting his family house.

Home Alone

  • Kevin proved that being focussed & determined helps conquer the world

Do you remember the story of the Monkey and the Crocodile where the crocodile listens to his corrupt wife and asks the monkey to accompany him home so that they can feast on his heart? While the monkey was smart and clever, the crocodile was confused, did not know right from the wrong and lacked focus & determination. And hence the monkey got the better of him.

Monkey & the Crocodile

  • Every task has to be pursued with focus and resolve else you will fail like the crocodile.
How to build focus in kids?
  1. Stop procrastinating and be proactive.
  2. Be confident of your own decisions. Once an alternative has been picked work on it and forget about all other options.
  3. Abstain from multitasking. Prioritize tasks. There is no such thing as Multi-Tasking. It is basically switch tasking and it hampers your speed, efficiency, and overall results.
  4. Keep getting feedback on your work so that you are able to measure your progress. Remember, the more you measure, the better focussed you will be.
  5. Love what you are doing with your whole heart. Remember, if you are not enjoying what you are doing, your focus will start to waver.
  6. Time management is important but managing your energies is far more critical.

Happy Parenting!