Somedays there won’t be a song in your heart, Sing anyways!

The concept

Resilience is about your ability to handle stress and cope with adversities. Resilient people are not ready to accept failures and defeats in everyday life. They are determined to stand up and face the world even in their difficult times and hardships.Life is not a bed of roses and you need to develop this skill to be able to not only handle tough times but also come out as winners.

The Story

The story of Dre Parker in The Karate Kid is all about not backing off when faced with a group of Kung Fu native Chinese students. With the help of Mr. Han, a Kung Fu master he is able to not only defeat the Chinese students, but he also learns the power of serenity and maturity in order to master this form of martial arts.

The Karate Kid

  • Dre is the right example of how you can how to deal with difficult situations and become tough and resilient.

The movie Soul Surfer follows the true story of real-life surfer Bethany Hamilton who even after losing one of her arms to a tiger shark’s attack does not stop believing in herself. Her dad helps her regain confidence and encourages her to take up competition surfing once again and enter the national championship.

The Soul Surfers

  • Soul Surfer is a beautiful portrayal of a girl never losing hope or giving up on her dreams.

How can you encourage resilience in your kids?

    1. Be honest and open to learning from your mistakes.
    2. Never be scared of failures.  You are not defeated as long as you do not accept defeat.
    3. Try and think positively. Even in adverse conditions, surround yourself with positivity and optimism. 
    4. Be ready to stand up every time you fall.
    5. Pat yourself on the back on small wins.

6.  Help the children to see that all problems can be solved.