Self Awareness is the key to Self Mastery

The Concept

Self-awareness centers around the art of knowing oneself. It means being aware of your capabilities, your thoughts and experiences in order to succeed in life! It is only people who are self-aware know the art of self-control. The basis of self-awareness is not to be judgemental about your actions and thoughts. It also revolves around introspecting, freeing your mind from prejudices, monitoring your emotional outbursts, becoming more open and accepting, and keeping a check on your thoughts.

The Story

Walt Disney’s animated movie Mulan shows the female character – daughter of a courageous old warrior dress up as a man to participate in a war because her dad was too weak to do so. In the end, she is the one who helps save the Emperor’s life. The movie showcases a character who knows herself and does what she believes is right not caring for the gender stereotypes. You can do whatever you want to regardless of what anybody else thinks.


Fa Mulan is a person who knew her strengths and weaknesses well.
How to help kids know themselves better:
  • Spend some meaningful time with them every day. Give them your undivided attention and love.
  • Speak to them and appreciate them for their good habits and strengths.
  • Tell them to be mindful about the feedback that they receive from others and how to process it aptly.
  • Inculcate good listening habits in kids.
  • Inculcate the attitude to be a life long learner and growth mindset in kids.

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