Knowledge is important only when the knowledge is shared with others

The Concept:

Knowledge is essential and valuable for our existence. It is the basis of the sustenance of human civilization. Knowledge-sharing is also equally important which means that the right people are able to access this information or knowledge at the right time. Knowledge can be shared either as a push or a pull process – the former is about knowledge flow when it is pushed into the users and the latter when a person seeks knowledge proactively.

The Story:

In the world-famous series Harry Potter written by JK Rowling, Hermoine Granger is shown to be Miss. Witty Know it all. Before coming to Hogwarts, she had memorized all the spells from the three books. She spreads her knowledge and shares it modestly with all her friends helping them to come out of danger situations. Her knowledge has saved the day many a times in Harry Potter Series.

My 11-year-old fondly gives a thumbs up to Hermoine Granger for sharing her knowledge.

The science fiction movie Hollow Man followed the story of a scientist who had gained the knowledge of becoming invisible which was no mean feat in itself. However, he goes on a violence and killing spree once he realizes he can do all this without anyone’s knowledge. In this example, Dr. Sebastian Caine was way beyond his times possessing the knowledge to develop a serum that could make a man invisible but instead of knowledge sharing and using it positively he makes negative use of the knowledge.

The essence of knowledge is to share it with others, unlike Dr. Caine.
How can you encourage kids to gain and share their knowledge:
  1. Apart from the academic books, also inculcate the habit of reading other books. This is the best thing to make your kids as lifelong learners.
  2. The knowledge can be further strengthened through practice & experience.
  3. Getting into constructive discussions at home about any particular subject is a great way to improve their knowledge on that subject.
  4. Teach kids to disagree respectfully.
  5. And another important thing to focus upon is gaining knowledge and staying grounded. Intelligence should not lead to arrogance.

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Happy Parenting!