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Team Sports – 1

Small teams of young children playing cricket, football, basketball and a variety of sports in the parks and grounds near you – Quite a common sight.

A Parent scolding his child for spending too much time “Playing” – Also not an uncommon situation.

So is it Study or Play; a Structured extra curricular class or a Free play time? What does each of these offer and how does the perfect balance of these in kids help them in developing of right faculties and skills at the right age.

We will try to answer these questions based on our research for our fellow parents. Here is presenting you a series of articles around why Sports, Free Play and free unstructured time off are all the more important for our children today.

Kids playing team sports

Team Sports : What does it offer for your child

So the big question in every parents mind – is it more studies or sports? How best can we engage our children’s extra time to steer them towards the expressway to success.

We as parents are seldom aware of the good our children may derive from playing the Team Sports and how it can help in shaping more balanced personalities. There are a number of life skills that kids learn inadvertently while playing any of the team sports. It is imperative to note that playing any form of team sports have shaped the lives of many people and have guided them to become bestselling authors, emergency first responders, astronauts, professional athletes, military heroes and more. Right from Mark Zuckerberg to Indira Nooyi, from Walter Robb to Sheryl Crow, all have been involved in some kind of Team Sport in their growing up years.

Infact the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW conducted a study in 2015 and the report focussed on understanding how sports primed women for leadership in career and increased earning power. There are numerous examples of women who have done extremely well in life and all of them had a strong relationship with sports in growing up years.

Here I present a list of skills that kids imbibe while playing team sports.

Team Work– The first advantage of playing team sports is seen in kids learning to understand the fine nuances of teamwork. They understand the way they have to collaborate and coordinate their work to get the best results. In any form of team sports, a single player cannot help win the game. It has to be a focused team effort, and this value gets instilled in the young, impressionable minds of kids early on. Understanding and being tied to a common vision of team win are few other ways of imbibing team work in kids.

Leadership– Whenever people work in groups, there is always someone emerging as a leader leading other players in the team to meet an objective. Same holds true in team sports, and it is for this reason, we have captains of teams. The job of the captain is to identify the strengths of his players and accordingly assign him work in which they can excel. Many other players also learn to lead by example and make quick decisions.  They also learn to take care of each other or cover each other’s back when playing against an opponent team. This value learned at an early age is carried forward and become quite helpful in their lives as adults too.

Learn Values- While playing team sports, kids also learn a lot of life lessons in personal values. They understand that things cannot go well all the time and while playing a game, they need to respect their team mates and referees. Thus, a value of sportsman spirit is inculcated in them. A feeling of camaraderie is also experienced. This feeling of respect goes a long way in shaping their professional careers. Humility and respect for other’s knowledge, skills, decisions, way of thinking and work efficiency can encourage them to become better human beings. This learning also instills respect for rules and authority.

Good Communication Skills- Kids playing team sports often find themselves in a situation where they are expected to speak or express their views or opinions about their game. This brings an immense improvement in their communication skills and they become adept at speaking logically backed with relevant facts and information. This skill proves to be quite useful for them in their professional life where communication with seniors, peers and subordinates form the basis of your productivity.

Learn to face failures– It is not possible to win every game. Losing a game once in a while help players to meet this challenge stoically and move forward with renewed energy and an aim to win the next game. This “never die approach” proves to be quite helpful for them when they are in jobs or business because they are not strangers to failures and know what they must do if they face such a situation. They are more equipped and geared to fight back with more strength and emerge victoriously.

Thus, we see that playing any form of team sports help our kids in innumerable ways, giving them requisite life skills and positively shaping their personalities .

Stay tuned to find more benefits for kids engaged in team sports and the life lessons learned in our next article in the series.

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