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Team Sports: Happy/Healthy children

Playing Sports comes with numerous benefits in developing Life Skills in Kids. We have discussed quite a few of these benefits in our first article in the series. You may read about this Article I here. Taking this forward, I am penning down the list of few more benefits which strengthen the idea of engaging your kids in a team sport. And it is a great idea to start this in their childhood since at this tender age, children are very impressionable, they are quick to learn, analyse and imbibe new things.

Time Management

Another significant advantage of playing team sports is learning how to manage time and how to attain goals in a fixed time frame. They learn strategies and tricks that help them achieve this goal. The same learning is reflected in their later years when they are expected to pull off complicated projects successfully in a strict timeframe. They are so used to work under pressure that they are at ease when faced with the same situation ahead in their lives. They adapt to trying circumstances and overcome challenges fast which proves to be quite beneficial for their personal and professional lives.

Stronger Relationships

When playing games like cricket, football, volleyball etc., children also forge new friendships and develop strong bonds with their peers. The collective experience of highs and lows in the form of victories and losses in the game bring them closer than ever. The relationships built during this time are taken forward to their adulthood and they end up making stronger bonds, ties and friendships.

Staying fit and healthy

One of the major benefits of playing a team sport is the necessity and later the habit of staying fit and healthy. To give their best to their game, they are expected to follow a rigorous exercise regimen which becomes an integral part of their lives and stays with them forever. With cut-throat competition, stressful and hectic lives, the habit of exercising daily keeps them fit and healthy. This way, they are less impacted from lifestyle issues which are plaguing the generation more than ever these days.

Learns Discipline 

There is a strong correlation between team sports and positive mental attributes. A sports’ coach exerts more influence on a child compared to his parents, friends or teachers. Moreover, the coach is in a position to inculcate the values of vigorous effort, delayed gratification and continued focus even when faced with challenges. He uses discipline as a tool thereby helping children to achieve their goals. Here, “teaching by transference” is in play which has a remarkable positive impact on the children. They understand that a disciplined approach can help them meet their goals effectively.

Builds Confidence

Studies conducted in this field truly reflect a direct correlation between playing team sports and gaining self-confidence. Simple achievements like winning a local race or scoring a goal or setting and meeting any “new personal best”; help immensely in building confidence and self esteem in kids. They start identifying their capacities and how far they can push themselves which exposes them to broader horizons, more potential, and bigger possibilities. This confidence in themselves  helps them in taking on any challenge that might come their way and come out with flying colours. It does wonders for their future lives where they can excel in whatever they set out to do with sheer grit and determination.

So this was an exhaustive list of reasons to just go ahead allow and motivate your kids to join the Team Sports of their choice.

Happy Playing and Happy Parenting !

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