What is the Toxic style of parenting?

Toxic parents predominantly are abusive by nature and under the cloak of love and affection, they mistreat their kids. These parents are harmful and poisonous because their parenting style surrounds their child with fear and guilt. They shame their child and leave no stone unturned to make them feel obligated towards their parents. Toxic parenting results in children losing their childhood way before. 

Characteristics of Toxic Parenting style

  • Parents tend to overreact.
  • They use emotional blackmail to keep making the child feel guilty.
  • They are manipulative and mostly play the victim.
  • The blame game is a common feature of this household where the parent criticizes and attacks the child.
  • They envy their child and are jealous of the child’s success or happiness.
  • They never accept their mistakes and never apologize.
  • These parents want to be in control always – even if it means ignoring the child’s needs and feelings.
  • Even though these parents show no respect or empathy towards their child, they expect the child to blindly respect them, never question their motive and always sympathize with them.
  • Punishments are common in case the child questions or disobey rules.

Impact of Toxic Parent on Child’s Self image

  • These kids have low self-worth having been always surrounded by feelings of guilt and shame. Have the negligible amount of confidence in self there is always a feeling of inadequacy.
  • They obey toxic rules laid down by parents for the fear of being punished or because they have been mentally tuned to blindly obey rules otherwise they could be seen as traitors.
  • With no freedom of thought or speech, children are more like prisoners in their own home. As a result, they suffer from anxiety bouts and depression and can end up being emotional wrecks.
  • Being subject to insults and physical tortures and pain, the chances of the child becoming his own abuser is very high. Later on in life, he also tends to abuse others.

Impact of Toxic parent on Child’s Social Skills

  • Undeveloped social skills as they have hardly ever interacted with anyone outside the family.
  • With no individuality, constant criticism and comparisons with others around, these kids suffer from loneliness and suffer from fear of rejection. 

Impact of Toxic Parent on Child’s Academics

  • Miserable in academics. 
  • With self-centered parents around, the center of attention in the house is always the parents and not the child. Hence he is ignored on all aspects of growth and development including his studies and interest in extra-curricular activities.

Impact of Toxic Parent on Child’s Life

  • Such kids are constantly made to feel responsible for their parents and their feelings. As a result, the child is scared to disagree with his parents and gives in to all kinds of emotional blackmail without questioning or using discretion.
  • Parents are money manipulators too.
  • Even as adults, these kids keep getting attracted to abusive relationships and toxic individuals.
  • These kids grow up in constant fear of people hurting them, are unable to trust others in life.
  • Being subjected to toxicity all through their childhood, these kids are negative minded – expecting the worst from life and from people around.
  • Fear is a constant companion; these individuals also have bouts of rage and self-sabotage behaviors.

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