What is the uninvolved style of parenting?

Uninvolved parenting also called neglectful parenting is a style where the parents have zero or minimal involvement in rearing their kids – whether it is concerning their emotional, physical, mental, academic needs or any other aspect of their child’s life. 

As parents, their role is limited to giving birth to their kids, providing them with food, clothing, and shelter and pay for their school fees. These parents are apathetic and indifferent to their child’s needs, wants and desires. This is one parenting style that has developed quite recently.

Characteristics of Uninvolved Parenting Style

  • Uninvolved parents build a home that is listless – devoid of love and nurturing ambience.
  • There is no emotional attachment or bonding between the kids and their parents. They do not feel or express love and affection towards their kids. There is no hugging, kissing or any other form of a show of affection towards the kids.
  • Parents are preoccupied and overwhelmed with their own problems and issues to pay any attention to the children.
  • Uninvolved parents are categorized into two broad categories when it comes to supervision. Either there is a total lack of supervision which means a household deficient of discipline. Or parents who exercise such strict rules on their kids that they have zero interaction with their neighbors, relatives, kids of their own age and others. 
  • Since these parents are completely off the radar when it comes to their kids, they have no expectations from them and hence do not show any kind of appreciation on the kids’ achievements.
  • These homes are devoid of any kind of recreational activities that help develop important life skills in the child. 
Impact of an Uninvolved Parent on child’s Self-image
  • These kids often suffer from very low self-esteem and probably struggling at all times to find their own identity.
  • They are usually confused, disillusioned and directionless kids.
Impact of an Uninvolved parent on child’s Social Skills
  • They terribly lack confidence and are always looking out for approval from others around.
  • They are emotionally weak and withdrawn which increases the chances of failed relationships in later life.
  • Have poor social skills as they have always been made to feel unwanted.
Impact of an Uninvolved parent on child’s Academics
  • Uninvolved parents are so busy with their own issues that they have no time to attend parent-teacher meetings or be present at annual functions, sports days etc. leaving the child with no motivation to excel in any area related to academics, education, sports, and extra-curricular activities.
  • With no applause for achievements and no complaints about the failures, these kids tend to be poor performers academically and in other aspects of life.
Impact of an Uninvolved parent on the child’s Life
  • Poor in decision-making. Psychologically weak, these kids can get into depression or develop other physiological disorders quite easily and early in life.
  • They can take up drugs or alcohol consumption as they may have seen their parents doing so.
  • The kids of an Uninvolved parent often mature way before time losing innocence, not at their own will.
  • These kids usually grow up to be emotionally detached, get into substance abuse and lack proper etiquettes and manners to handle social life.

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