“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
Marilyn Monroe

The Concept:

We are all unique; yet so different from each other. We have our own strengths our own demons and our own unique journey of life. Beinjg aware of your Self-worth is the biggest gift one can have.

You may sit and wonder about what is unique about you – but the truth is that since human beings think and behave based on their life experiences, each of us is different. Just like our fingerprints are different, similarly, our thoughts and behaviors are matchless. The ability to make this difference stand out in a crowd is what makes you special. 

However the first step to valuing your self worth is Self Awareness.

The Story:

Uniqueness is being exclusive and this is what my little son understands of it.

The Goonies is a movie that unravels how a group of children whose parents were on the verge of facing foreclosure use their courage, presence of mind and conviction to discover a pirate ship that is full of hidden treasures. The treasures are enough to keep their homes safe with them.

  • Ordinary men and women have the guts to act extraordinarily under trying times.

In the movie Shrek, a fierce looking ogre who had nothing to do with romance and emotional feelings finds himself in a situation where he starts to fall in love with a princess. Princess Fiona is attracted towards the unfriendly Shrek although he was very different from others.


  • Your uniqueness and high self worth will attract the right kind of people towards you.
How to help kids value their self-worth:
  1. Help your kids on their journey of self-discovery, make a note of things that make them jump with joy or thrill them beyond words.
  2. Let them immerse themselves in the daily routine but keep track of all those things that make them forget time and leave them captivated.
  3. And lastly, keep a watch for things that come naturally to them. These are activities and tasks that they are most comfortable with. These are their innate talents.
  4. As a rule, never compare your kids, yourself or your partner with anybody else. We all are unique and show them that you value your own uniqueness and your partners’.

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