What are life skills


Life Skills in kids:

Skills that children can acquire and effectively apply to lead a happy and successful life. Life skills in Kids are also abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Core life skills: Parenting Skills











“Early experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health. Just as a weak foundation compromises the quality and strength of a house, adverse experiences early in life can impair brain architecture, with negative effects lasting into adulthood.”

By improving children’s environments of relationships and experiences early in life, and by providing the right knowledge and Life Skills in kids to deal effectively with life later, we will be laying the foundations for a sound and a more in-control generation of people.

What is the right time to impart Life Skills in kids?

It is never too late to start your journey but the earlier the better. Right from early childhood (3 years) to the age of 16 is when the brain is most receptive to new information and given the right window of opportunity to apply these learning, these skills would stay and help the kids lifelong.

More to read: http://developingchild.harvard.edu

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