Cafe Whiz

We stand firmly for the “New Smart” in Kids and we work hard to take parents from “Good to Great Parenting”. We understand your innate need as a parent to do your best and to give your best. We empathise and care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help parents build happy families and create capable adults. Our intent is to ensure that parents stay evolved throughout the upbringing years of their children and value their kids as adept individuals in the making.

I believe that every child is born with some unique traits, voice and character and our responsibility as parents is to identify that unique wiring, accept it whole heartedly and nurture the child with love. The end goal should always be to unleash her/his true potiential.

– Kushal Singhal

We offer baby counsel

Bringing a new life in the world and nurturing for the first time can be hard. We’re here to help you start well.

We offer toddler counsel

Taking care of a frisky toddler can be challenging. We are here to assist you with techniques that will make it all easy.

We offer teen counsel

Raising a balanced teenager is one of the crucial phases of parenting. We are here to offer direction.

From the Founder’s Desk

I came up with Cafe Whiz because I have two beautiful and talented children of my own. Therefore, I understand that the key to good parenting is to accept and respect your children the way they are and happily steer them in the direction that best suits them.

– Kushal Singhal, Founder at Cafe Whiz


Parenting by Design Coach

We help you nurture the “New Smart” in kids on a physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual level.


Nurturing a child that encourages him or her to be healthy physilogically is crucial for the overall wellbeing. Parents should rank fitness high in their design of things.



Shaping the cognitive and memory functions in a child are key to performing well academically. Thus, this should be a priority for parents.


Inclucating social skills that make a child adept attitude wise is very important. A adpative child is an evolved child and will perform better in the community.


Helping kids know, understand and learn emotional balance is crucial for their emotional health. Parents should allow children to fully experience their emotions.


Inculcating spiritual values in children right from the day they get physically conscious should be customary for parents.

Our Approach & Philosophy as a Parenting Platform

We truly belive and endorse raising kids organically and not forcing them to change their innate identity. Disciplining children is not the same as modifying their behaviour. Training children is not the same as imposing your stereotypes on them. Imparting values is not the same as snatching theirs from them. As parents, your first responsibility towards your child is security – physical, social, emotional and psychological. Everything else comes secondary.

Kids raised in happy homes with happy families grow extremely confident and successful as adults. They understand themselves better as people and also end up having long lasting bonds with their parents for life. This deep connection is what defines an evolved parent from a obstinate one. Your own behaviour impacts your child’s conduct. This needs to be understood by anybody willing to genuinely raise wholesome kids. Your parenting will go a long way in shaping the future of the planet.