8 ways to Declutter your mind & get clarity

For most of us having a cluttered bedroom or a living room is unacceptable but when it comes to our minds, we are clueless about the clutter inside leaving it vulnerable to all sorts of varying and conflicting thoughts to fill it up. Especially if you are a parent, there is no end to thoughts that run in all directions at the same time; thoughts that come and go with most of them persisting for longer than usual. From worrying about the health and safety of kids to being critical of one’s parenting style; from the food that the kids eat to being perturbed about their academics and other life skills; the thoughts are endless so much so that you are unaware when your mind starts to clutter up. How can then one achieve the state of fulfilled living? The Answer lies in taking time out to De-clutter your mind and Self-care every now and then.

Declutter the Mind

A cluttered mind is restless and, on the edge, always. As a result, the brain starts to lose focus because it is thinking too many things at the same time. With this comes distraction as thoughts start to jumble up, the person often comes across as lost in his own world. This leads to tasks getting performed in disoriented and disorderly manner. Can you really afford to be this way when you have kids waiting at home, more so because your little ones are looking up to you all the time?

Declutter your mind

Ways to Declutter your Mind

Not to forget the medical side to all this – continuing to be caught up in our own heads, a clutter mind can lead to big-time stress, anxiety, loss of sleep and peace – all these having the potential to invariably lead to long-term and deadly diseases. Hence it is crucial that we learn how to space out our thoughts and stop being overwhelmed by decluttering our mind. Here are some proven techniques that parents need to exercise on a routine basis for better clarity and peace of mind: –

  1. Take time out to chill out mentally, if not possible every day at least once a week. In other words, rest the brain during this period where it is not interpreting or processing any kind of information. Spending some time with nature alone is one very good way of zoning out. Remember the objective is to give rest to the mind so sitting idle watching the clouds go by or the birds chirping or even the trees swaying can do a lot of good.
  2. Face the thought that is bothering you the most head-on. Embrace the most nagging thoughts. A parent’s mind is more than half occupied by the thought of the kids. No use running away from thoughts that are stubborn – face it upfront. Dissect it into minute sets and go through the entire emotion, set it free and you will be surprised to see that you are feeling light again.
  3. Prioritize tasks so that you can focus on the task at hand. With a huge to-do list, you will only make things terrible for yourself. When you tell your brain that work has been scheduled and lined up it will wander here and there less and stay directed on one thing at a time.
  4. Meditation helps when done the proper way. Since the art of meditation is all about reinforcing focus on your breath, it will teach the brain to dissipate unwanted thoughts and ideas.
  5. Limit information. In today’s times we invariably turn to the internet for all sorts of data and information. Similarly, we tend to listen more to others than to our inner self. Information is good but set the limit. Do not go in for endless opinions and suggestions – you will only clutter your mind by doing so.
  6. Journalling or Writing down what is bothering you or about thoughts that are agitating you help in taking out unwanted and negative thoughts. They may be still be there at the back of your mind but for the time being your mind will not wander into those territories.
  7. Try to let go of negative thoughts. That ways you will free up a lot of space in the brain. Easier said than done, the concept is to be more forgiving, less competitive and not being led into unwanted comparisons.
  8. Laughter as they say it is the best medicine. In fact, get into the humor zone with your kids and family – try to take things lightly and most of all not take your-self too seriously.

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