What is the Dolphin style of parenting?

Dolphin parents are nurturing parents. Just like dolphins, these parents are sociable by nature. These parents typically move between being firm on one extreme to being immensely flexible on the other while being reasonably steady. These parents use their intuitions to raise well-behaved children. While on one hand, they are authoritative, on the other they provide an environment for the child to become autonomous and independent. In psychological terms, these parents are termed as POD where P stands for playing and exploring, O denotes others and D means downtime. 

Characteristics of this particular style
  • Parents are collaborative in their behavior. The objective is to guide the child so that he is able to learn important life skills in different situations. 
  • There are disciplinary rules in the household which helps develop impulse control in the kids. Rules are discussed with kids openly and they are also made aware of the age-appropriate consequences in case of disobedience. 
  • Kids are encouraged to behave independently. Their creative pursuits, communication skills, and critical thinking aspects are thoroughly supported and fuelled by the parents. As children grow up, dolphin parents gradually encourage them to take their own decisions.
  • Parents set practical and achievable expectations from their kids. The overall impetus is to enable the kids to grow up as healthy well-balanced individuals with a set purpose in life.
Impact of Dolphin Parent on Child’s Self image
  • Kids of dolphin parents are self-confident and have high self-esteem.
  • They are self-motivated individuals completely aware of their feelings, emotions, and interests. 
  • Smart and intelligent kids who are self-dependent and capable of taking their own decisions.
Impact of Dolphin parent on Child’s Social Skills
  • Kids have better and well-developed social skills. 
  • They respect others, know the value of working as a team and are well-behaved. They have lots of friends and are valued by their extended families, neighbors, colleagues etc. 
Impact of Dolphin parents on Child’s Academics
  • Good academic performers in school and college.
  • Chances of doing considerably well in extra-curricular activities too as they have been allowed to pursue their interests and choices. 
Impact of Dolphin Parent on Child’s Life
  • Disciplined kids who are raised up to follow a healthy lifestyle. Hence they particular about basic things like proper sleep and rest, regular exercise and healthy eating habits etc. 
  • Since they have been made to understand the importance of exploring different aspects of their personality, their interests, and life, in general, they are able to adapt better to different challenges and situations in life.
  • Independent and self-reliant individuals.
  • Intuitive kids who are able to use their sixth sense and instinct to judge right from the wrong. They are able to face and acclimatize themselves to all kinds of situations and circumstances.
  • They value relationships and for obvious reasons are more inclined to have healthy happy relations in the future. They also grow up to be good parents to their kids.

Dolphin style parents are well-balanced adults themselves and hence understand the importance of guiding their kids towards self-exploration so that they grow up to be self-sufficient and poised individuals. 

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