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The first hold of your child in your arms and you promise to give him all the love and happiness, promise to protect him from all the evils and promise to be there with him unconditionally in all his ups and downs. This is parental love.

Time and again various researches on the subject have proved, that the kids  who are raised in a warm and loving environment at home do much better in lives than those raised in stressful, and critical environments. However expressing parental love takes a back set more often than not when we are so handsful with work pressures and responsibilities.

Cafe whiz understands this need and hence we are here with our Beautifully crafted “Lunch Box Notes”. A simple note a day stuck on the kids’ lunch boxes help bring that extra smile and feeling of being loved to your child. It sets the tone of the day and brings the feelings of safety and security to a child. With all the other beautiful ways of bonding with your child, add this one too to make your child happy and excel in his day.

How to get it:

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How to use:

The thoughtfully designed and crafted printables will reach you in your e-mail Inbox as a pdf file on 24 December. Take a Print, Cut a note you want to send, Sign it with love and stick it on your child’s lunch box. It’s that simple.

Print – Cut – Sign it – Stick – Go

You want to send this “every day” or make it “once a week special”…You decide. We are sending you notes lasting month long – one for each school day.

As a December giveaway, Subscribing to our blog and newsletter and sharing the post on your timelines will make you win this special  “The Lunch Box Notes”.

Here is a sneak peek at How it looks…

So go ahead… Its up for grabs…!

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