How early should a teen start using menstrual cup? And is it safe for the teens to use them in first place. Let us explore the fears & apprehensions mothers might have regarding the use of menstrual cup. It is imperative to address these before they can recommend it to their teen daughters.
Teenage is a difficult phase since it marks the onset of many changes in the lives of teenagers. Especially for the teenage girls because they start with their monthly periods around this age. Although being a physiological and biological change, it is still hard to manage for our young teens.
So one way in which the parents can help our teens in this whole transformational process is by making them aware. Giving them the right education about their body helps ease out the stress. A step further would be to make them understand various options available to manage menstruation in young girls.

How early should a teen start using menstrual cup

Traditionally women have been using sanitary napkins and tampons to manage this phase in their life lives. However when we look at the impact this is having on our environment we should give it a second thought. If using sanitary napkins and tampons creating issues for mother earth there has to be a better way of doing it.

Before we research ahead let us have a look at the statistics of menstrual waste management in India. 

How early should a teen start using a menstrual cup

The data has been sourced from Swachh India, NDTV. It is alarming to see that a single woman in her lifetime creates around 125 KG of non-biodegradable menstrual waste.

Now we realise that the magnitude of this problem is huge. So, let us look at the alternatives women and teens have to manage periods. Menstrual cups provide one such safe eco-friendly and reusable option for teens.
Let us now venture into the answering the question How early should a teen start using Menstrual Cup.

FAQs about using Menstrual Cup in teens

It is natural for parents to have questions and apprehensions in the minds about anything like a menstrual cup. And these needs to be answered effectively before they can recommend it to their teen daughter. What can give them a hint of confidence is their own experience of using the menstrual cup. However using a menstrual cup is quite a new concept even for a lot of grown-ups. Use my list of FAQs below to pacify your apprehensions and doubts about using the menstrual cup in teens.

How early can a female start to use the menstrual cup?

It is a good idea to start using the menstrual cup right from your first period. It is absolutely safe to use by young teens. However, it might not be a smooth start for young teens. As using a menstrual cup during periods does require practise & patience.
This is essentially because the teens have tighter vagina and inserting the menstrual cup might need them to be at ease & be comfortable with their body. However once comfortable, they would be able to use it with no further challenges.
I am afraid that the menstrual cup can get inside and I would be unable to take it out. Can this happen?

No this can’t happen, the menstrual cup is designed with a tail at one end to catch and pull out the cup when required. It might happen that the menstrual cup can move up a little. But in that case too, squatting and pushing the cup down with your abdominal muscles can help you place it and pull it out. The first and the foremost idea is to crush the fear that you associate with the menstrual cup. It can’t get lost inside your vagina.

How often should I take out the menstrual cup?

It is advisable to empty and wash the cup using an intimate wash or an intimate wipe before reinsertion every 8-10 hours. However leaving it a little longer would also not harm you. It is just important to know how much of your blood flow can the menstrual cup hold. Once you are used to of it, you can devise your own schedule for cleaning & reinserting the menstrual cup.

Can I pee with the menstrual cup on?

Yes, Your urine gets passed out through urethra and hence it has nothing to do with the menstrual cup you have inserted. So you can easily use the restroom while wearing the menstrual cup inside.

Will the blood collected in in the menstrual cup not spill if I jump or lie down?

No, The blood collects in the menstrual cup. And this is stuck with the suction mechanism inside your vagina. Even if you jump or lie down it won’t fall back  or spill back in your vagina.

Is it advisable to wear the menstrual cup and do outdoor sports or other physical activities?

It is a great idea to use the menstrual cup while your outdoor and physical activities. Since it provides a leak free and hassle free coverage for upto 10 – 12 hours at a time.  Also there’s no risk of spilling and when the cup inserts properly, it does not cause any discomfort. So there is no challenge in using the cup while you are outdoor doing your favourite activity.

How do I insert the menstrual cup inside me?

Inserting and positioning the menstrual cup requires patience and practise both. The first and the foremost suggestion I would give you is to be at ease with your self. And get comfortable with and accustomed to your own body.
The suggested ways to fold the menstrual cup insert in into the vaginal opening and leave it open. Then slowly push it inside till it creates a suction and you find it a lil difficult to pull it. Thats how you should insert the menstrual cup inside.
A good check if it has been inserted and placed well inside your vagina is to walk around and see for any discomfort you are feeling. If you do feel the discomfort, then the cup is not positioned ideally and you need to take this out and place it again. 
When you are trying to understand the placement of menstrual cup inside you for the first time, it is advisable to use some lubricant especially when you are not in periods. This is to especially facilitate the movement of menstrual cup to its ideal place and to avoid any rashes while placing it in.
Is it not uncomfortable wearing the menstrual cup inside the vagina?

When inserted and used correctly, the menstrual cup should not be causing any kind of discomfort. However since our body takes time to adjust to anything new and so is true with the menstrual cup too.
So chose the right size and learn and experiment initially to know how to insert it properly. If it is right sized and inserted properly and you still feel uncomfortable, it is a good idea to consult an expert. And learn the right usage of menstrual cup.
What if the menstrual cup leaks inside me?

Leaking can be caused due to several reasons after using menstrual cup inside your vagina. Wrongly positioned cup is one of the prime reasons. It can also be that the cup has not opened properly and created the suction that it is supposed to create inside your vagina.

Also, initially it does take time to understand your flow and how much can the menstrual cup hold. So it might leak due to overflow.

Can it cause irritation or itchiness in vagina?

It is made out of highest grade silicone available and hence it is highly unlikely to cause nay irritation or itchiness in your vagina. However, it can be a possibility that you might scratch or irritate your vaginal skin while inserting or removing the menstrual cup.

I hope you find value and answers to your doubts in this list of Faqs. Incase you have more queries, do write to me in the comments and I would definitely try to present the answers to those as well.

Benefits of using the Menstrual Cup in Teens

When we talk about the benefits of using the menstrual cup in females it has to be a two pronged discussion. Firstly let us explore the benefits of this product to your team. The first and the foremost reason to choose menstrual cup is that it is absolutely safe and hygienic way to manage her periods. Since it is made from a good quality silicon material it has zero side effects to your teens body. It is also in a very effective way to handle the period blood flow.
Also menstrual cups create a huge positive impact on the amount of sanitary waste generation. Menstrual cups are reusable and hence generate zero waste. They are easy to use and just to wash away from their next use.

How to Choose the right Menstrual Cup for your teen

While choosing the right menstrual cup for your teen, there are a number of factors that you should consider. The important ones are the quality of material used in the product, and the expertise of people behind the production of this product. The quality of silicone used is definitely a key factor in deciding if the product is high quality and fit for usage by your teen. Also, if a product comes from a known brand which has established itself over the years as an organisation that cares for people is a huge advantage.
Another important criteria for choosing the right menstrual cup for your team is deciding the right size of the product. Now since this depends largely on the details which are mentioned on the pack, it is wise for me to give general guidelines on choosing the right size. Since teens bodies are just developing it is always advisable to go for a small size. Having tighter vaginal muscles and a smaller vaginal opening are two main reasons to go for small size menstrual cups for teens.
Having good aesthetics and a brand positioning also impacts your decision of making the choice for a particular product. Another very important thing to consider before choosing the right menstrual cup for your teen is the Price of the products over the shelf.

Menstrual Cup I chose for my teen

I am using the menstrual cup myself for years now. I have also been trying to figure out the best alternative to sanitary napkin for my teen daughter. And my research has ended here. The menstrual cup provides the ideal solution to all my worries. 
Furthermore, I have chosen Everteen Menstrual Cup for my daughter for various reasons. First of all, it is made from medical grade silicone and is soft and safe to use. It comes in 2 sizes and provides freedom to indulge in outdoor activities of choice. It is reusable and provides protection from rashes, leaks and menstrual odour. 
Everteen Menstrual Cup comes in a packaging designed especially for women with the colours white and soft pink. Additionally. I did choose them for the comfort of knowing that it comes from Everteen, the brand that claims to be the “Complete Feminine Intimate Hygiene Expert”

The Conclusive answer to “How early should a teen start using Menstrual Cup” is that it is absolutely safe to use the Menstrual Cup in teenage.

So starting off with it with the very first period is a good idea. Another point of consideration is the comfort level of your teen with this whole idea. Having the right awareness and making the resolve for the right reasons is what this post would help you in. But still I would suggest you to take it easy and not rush through it.
Let her take her own time. If she is not comfortable the first time, retry talking and explaining her how it works after some time again. However just don’t give up. The benefits of using the menstrual cup on menstrual waste reduction are far too enticing and encouraging. So go ahead coach her and do your bit for the environment too.

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Happy Parenting!

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