Is it ok for 13 year olds to use an intimate wash? Have you been thinking about teaching your 13-year-old about the intimate hygiene? You have reached the right place. SO, read on to get all your answers regarding intimate hygiene in teen years.

The onset of teen years mark the beginning of plethora of physiological and chemical changes in your teens body. Not just these bodily changes, infact the teen years mark beginning of building a strong bond with your teen. With all these changes occurring, there are big changes that are required to be brought into picture. One of the significant one is the immediate need for you to focus on teaching your teen all about intimate hygiene. 

Let us explore in this post all you need to know about intimate hygiene in young girls. From understanding the need for using an intimate wash, to the parameters you need to consider before choosing the right product for your teen. We would be discussing them all. So get ready for an insightful read and let me know if you like the information useful in creating a good personal hygiene routine for your teenage daughter. 

Is it ok for 13 year olds to use an intimate wash?

Due to hormonal changes that are happening in your teens body, this is definitely the right age to talk about personal hygiene with your daughter. Additionally, special care has to be taken while choosing the right and natural products which do its work without causing any harms to her body in the long term.

Vagina secretes natural discharge and oils which work as a natural coating to keep the unwanted external particles and infections away. This is the natural defence mechanism of human body. Apart from acting as a defence system, the vaginal discharge keeps the skin moist and soft.

A lot of times however, this vaginal discharge can become a cause of concern for women as well. Vaginal odour and excessive discharge are few common problems that women report. And to get a relief from the discomforts associated with this, a lot of females use Douching. However, douching is somethings 

Is it ok for 13 year olds to use an intimate wash

The above data has been sourced from Womenshealth.

A lot of research studies have been conducted so far on this subject. And none has been able to establish any positive impact of douching. In fact a lot of health issues have been attributed to douching like pelvic inflammation, sexually transmitted infections and vaginal infections. Douching basically fiddles with the naturally occurring and healthy fauna of bacteria existing in vagina. 

Hence it is established that douching is not a great way to women’s personal hygiene. Then what is it that we need to do to maintain a healthy vagina. Let us discuss this in details here.

FAQs about using Intimate wash in Teens

Why do we need a special product like intimate wash for cleansing vagina?
A female vagina has a variety of good bacteria. Using regular soaps or even mild soap can fiddle with this colony of good bacteria and also make the pH of our vagina acidic. With these changes , the female vagina gets more prone to catching all all kinds of infections which can also lead to bigger health issues later.

So specific product like an intimate wash which consist of natural ingredients and no chemicals is something that every female should invest in. It not only helps in cleansing and maintaining the personal hygiene but also helps in doing away with the vaginal odour & itchiness in some cases.

I have been rinsing with water and I feel I m doing fine. Why should I try out an intimate wash for my 13 year old teen.
Rinsing your vagina with water is called as Douching. As mentioned above Douching also impacts the flora of bacteria in the vagina. And apart from washing away all the good bacteria from inside the vagina it also impacts the pH balance of vagina negatively. Therefore using a specialised products like an intimate wash is very important for the overall vaginal health.
Is Normal Soap not good enough for vaginal wash?
A regular soaps available in supermarkets are full of harsh chemicals and ingredients which are not good for our skin and especially harmful photo soft and moist skin of female vagina. So no you should not use regular soaps and shampoo for a vaginal wash.
What is the recommended vaginal hygiene routine for teenagers?
Using a good quality intimate wash recommended to maintain a good virginal hygiene. One should also look at no chemicals tag and ingredients list to be doubly sure of the quality of product that you will be using. An intimate wash with all natural ingredients is a great starting product for the teenagers.
What should I use for vaginal wash if I have an overall sensitive skin?
An all natural ingredient intimate wash which has no chemicals and is mild enough for the sensitive skin is the right product.
Should I use intimate wash for my teenager daughter during her periods?
Yes, it is recommended to use a natural chemical free intimate wash during periods too. During the periods, one has to be more careful about maintaining the intimate hygiene.
How often should an intimate wash is recommended for a teenager?
It is recommended to use the quality intimate wash daily for maintaining a good hygiene routine in teenagers.
Is it useful to use an intimate wash if I am facing issues like vaginal itching, odour or dryness?
An intimate wash can help fighting vaginal order and also itching and dryness to a large extent. So there is absolutely no harm in using and all natural ingredient intimate wash for these issues.

How to choose the right intimate wash for your 13 year old daughter

Now that we have discussed the importance of using an intimate wash daily and maintaining a good personal hygiene routine in teenagers. The next step is to choose the right product for your 13-year-old teenage daughter. With plethora of options available in the pharmacies over the counters and even general supermarkets, having the right awareness about ingredients is very helpful in choosing the right product.

A basic ground rules that can be followed without apprehensions is that your intimate wash should have all natural ingredients and no chemicals in it. An added advantage is the naturally moisturising ingredients for replenishing the moisture content.

Another important factor to consider while choosing the right intimate wash for your daughter is whether it’s mild enough to be used for the sensitive skin of vagina. And whether it has any moisturising contents which can help prevent dryness after the vaginal wash.

While I did my research to choose the right product for my 13-year-old teen daughter, I also considered the first hand reviews from users. A background check of the company that is producing a product and whether it has a core competency to offer quality products to its customers is also mandatory step in choosing the right product

The Intimate wash I chose for my 13 year old teen daughter

When my daughter entered into her teen years, talking about personal hygiene was on top of my agenda. A lot of hormonal changes that were happening at this age in her body was the most important reason for such a priority to her personal hygiene. Other very important reason behind this has been her vulnerability to frequent Urinary Tract infections at such a young age.

I chose Everteen natural intimate wash for her. The product is offered worldwide by W&D Personal Care P Ltd. Manufactured and based in India, the company offers an exhaustive range of female hygiene products that are shipped worldwide.

Before I talk about specific benefits of this product; I want to mention few details about the brand and its packaging. The brand uses a beautiful mix of feminine colours that are white and pink in their packaging. The first look and feel of the package conveys clearly the product is meant for women. There is also a clear usage of green colour to indicate all natural ingredients in its composition. All the small details go a long way in creating the right brand image in the minds of young and empowered women of present times.

For the more the right pricing which is Rs.1 80 for 105 ML bottle makes this product, a loved one for many women. Additionally, discounts offered by the company website or retailers like Amazon, makes it all the more attractive a deal.

The Intimate wash I chose for my 13 year old teen

Here are the top reasons I chose Everteen Intimate Wash for her:

It provides coverage from a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungal activities hence proactively protecting my teen from any kind of fungal or bacterial infections.
Its pH balanced all natural formula containing hundred percent natural actives is scientifically designed to promote bodies natural vaginal balance and maintain a complete vaginal hygiene.
It is soap free, SLS and SLES free and is extra mild for all skin types.
Alovera ,one of its key ingredients which is known for its anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties it also helps promote cell regeneration and hence is a very beneficial ingredient.
Everteen Intimate Wash Protects the Natural pH Balance Vaginal Flora
It prevents from Unpleasant Odour Vaginal Itching & Irritation Vaginal Infection in teens
The product maintains Vaginal Hygiene Vaginal Moisture Everyday Freshness
It’s 3 tier approach of Prevent, Protect & Maintain provides for a holistic personal hygiene. It is all you need for maintaining a great vaginal health. 

So the answer to this question “Is it ok for 13 year olds to use an intimate wash?” is a definite yes. And it is subject to finding a great product which is chemical free and contains all natural ingredients. I hope this information answers all your doubts and helps you take the right decision for your teen daughter. 

Results of using an Intimate Wash for my teen:


Intimate Wash provided Protection from UTI:

One of the conspicuous benefits that I noticed after using the Everteen intimate wash for my teen daughter for last six months is a significant decrease in the number of UTIs she has got in this duration. And this has been quite a big relief for me and my teenager. Just being away from antibiotics for a frequent UTIs is the benefit worth enough for me to switch to a product like this.

Using Intimate wash regularly reduced Itching:

Another benefit that my teenager felt post the usage is considerably reduced itching in warm and moist weathers. Especially post her exercise routine, she found a positive change and felt itching due to sweat. So it has now very easily become an indispensable part of her daily routine.

Usage of Intimate wash provided freshness All Day:

I have experienced the feeling of freshness and cleanliness all day long after the vaginal wash routine during my shower times. It is my no -follow up routine for the day. And I can easily say, it keeps me sorted from issues like itchiness, odour and discharge issues. It makes me feeling fresh and happy all day. 

Whether it is a young teen or a grown-up female looking for a best product for managing her personal hygiene, the choice is best made by understanding the product composition and effect of its ingredients on our health. And with little research, it is possible to reach the right product for your teen. 

I presented my views and the data based on my research in this post. I really hope that you all find this information helpful. So yes beginning of teen years is the right time to start building the right habits stay with your teenage daughter for life. It’s related to her personal hygiene. And intimate wash is an essential product to be in her hygiene kitty. So go ahead have this conversation with your teen daughter and tell her the right way to maintain her Intimate health.

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