Knowing is not enough!

When I got the list of prompts for this weekly Bloghop, this one single prompt intrigued me right from the beginning and I just simply knew, this was it. I am researching on it and writing my thoughts about it. The prompt thati am talking about is “Knowing is not enough, we have to apply it”. And now when I have finalised my content and i am on the verge of pushing the “Publish it” button, I know exactly why I was so attracted to it. And here is the most difficult part of this write up, it resonated so well with me because i needed to work on it big time in my life.

Since I am a big big fan of the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, I know i have attracted this energy from the universe beacuase yes I have been struggling with implementation part of my ideas & plans. I have been thinking about that 1 break through strategy to just clear all the obstacles and fearlessly implement my plans not just in my work area but also in my personal life – my health goals, my parenting goals and my relationship goals.

With this said, I would just add a bit here. I have been greatly & abundantly blessed on all these fronts in my life however i would not shy away today  from accepting “that unsaid & hidden longing in me” to better it all up and live a life of no regrets. A life which is full of with happiness peace and content.

So let’s get started –

Knowing is not enough , We must apply.

My Research revolved around the fundamental question that “Why when i know the right things, i still dont apply?” And i must say, this research not only involved me getting back to my MBA curriculum and reading about the basics of  motivation, steps in execution, how do we react to a change but also involved delving deep inside me, introspecting and listening to that little voice in my head.

So Why is it that we dont apply our knowledge?

My first level of the answer was because i am not motivated enough to apply.

Great answer right..?

Yes and then i stumbled upon Mel Robbins video on “Why Motivation is a Garbage”. Mel Robbins is an amazing speaker with one of the top 20 TEDx talks in the world under her crown If you have got a little time on you hand, i would suggest do watch this video (Link at the end of this article), it makes awesome sense.

She says that we all believe in this lie or assumption – we got to feel ready to apply/change, at some point we will feel confident enough to take the right actions and the only thing missing in us is the motivation.

This is not true and she explains y? Because we are not wired to do things which we are uncomforatble with or which take us out of our comfort zone. Things which are scarry and difficult. Our brain is wired to keep us away from these difficult things to save us from these threats.

So You will never ever feel like doing it. Because obviously the actions that you are gonna take to better you life, your relationships, your income, your business or your health are never going to be easy.

It is absolutely so hard to do little little things that have the capability of big transformation in results. For me it is simple thing like drinking enough water. i am unable to fair well on this small plan of mine. Because i am wired that i cant drink too much water and it makes me feel uncomfortable and nausesating.

So we have established the fact that motivation is garbage because it does not work when we need it to.

And we have established that there is definitely the Knowledge Action Gap that exists. Life changing knowledge is just a google away. We all know it and can know it.

So what is it that differentiates the 4 percenters from us all- And the answer again comes to me from Mel Robbins. I completely belive in what she said –

The problem is only in “Thinking”  – when u set Goals/ Intentions, Brain reminds you about what you are supposed to do to achieve those goals and there is a microsecond when we can be just mindful and listen to our inner voice or let brain do the thinking and push us away from our goals. Remember our brain is wired to keep us away from threats/and keep us safe nd happy in our comfort zone. This is it.

A quick strategy to not let ourselves fall prey to the dirty games our brain plays is to launch yourself at the count of 5-4-3-2-1 and zoom go ahead and act. Listen to your inner voice that is reminding you of your intentions and nopt to the tactics to keep you in your comformt zone.

Also I wanted to add here that this Impact Theory can be applied to our own lives and also can be used to build all those winning habits in our kids that we aspire to. We just have to show the way to kids by acting on it and proving that t works. Our kids are smart enough to pic these winning habits and bring them into their lives…

Well this has been my learning & here is a big thanks to Mel Robbins for being the Sense-making motivator… You are doing a great job and i learnt a lot from your videos. Thank you sharing your knowledge.

Watch the full video by Mel Robbins here