Examples of Unstructured Play : The Why and How of it !

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  1. Penmancy says:

    I completely agree here that unstructured play is so important for growing children, not only because it improves their physical abilities but aids in their emotional, social and sociological abilities as well. Great article.! Good luck with your project!

  2. I have always advocated the benefits and importance of unstructured play for my kids. As it is with two kids just three years apart, it gets overwhelming to get them to focus on a structured activity, I thus found solace in their ability to play independently in an unstructured manner.

    • singhal.kushal@gmail.com says:

      Thanks for sharing that with us Anupriya. Absolutely rightly said, it’s a great habit that we can instil in our kids to spend sometime of their day independently. Stay Connected!

  3. So so so sgree with you. Unstructured play is so important for children. They learn to face and tackle their own problems. When we were children, we only had unstructured play. But with changing times this lost its way and very few practice the unstuctured play. This definately helps children to become better. Great post. All the best with your project.
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  4. writenlive says:

    I have been reading a lot about the benefits of unstructured play for children. Most of the leisure time for children these days is structured and spent in attending hobby classes. I have been trying to incorporate more free play in my kids’ days.

    Which means those mismatched toy pieces and the ones with missing parts are not going to be thrown out anytime soon. I am also looking at all the wall doodles created by crayons positively.

    This is a wonderful article, Kushal. Thanks!

    • singhal.kushal@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Sona. You are right, free play is getting lost these day…. n I feel that is the start of creative thinking in kids. I see my younger one 5 years old creating a car tracks using so many different things at home. I guess sometimes we just have to let kids explore and be. Always feel so happy with his wonder creations….

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