What is the Nurturant/slow style of parenting?

This style of parenting is termed as progressive parenting. While on one hand, these parents give freedom to their kids so that they can fly high, they also exercise discipline and set up age-appropriate limits so that they are grounded too. In this style, children are made to feel secure and protected on one hand, while on the other they are also given equal opportunity to explore their potentials and their surroundings.

Characteristics Nurturant Parenting style

  • In this style, parents make themselves available when they feel the child needs protection. 
  • There is an evident trust in the parent-child relationship.
  • There is love, nurturance, and understanding so that the child feels wanted and safe.
  • Parents respect their children’s views and judgments, feelings, and beliefs. They are able to comprehend their child’s potential and support their kids in achieving their goals.
  • Nurturing parents also teach their kids discipline by setting limits, by giving them age-appropriate household chores, setting behavioral guidelines etc. All this is done in a very open environment where things are discussed and explained to kids in details. Children are made to understand why the rules are important and how they can prevent a potential injury to the child.
  • There is more family time in this style. There are also after-school activities and other such events that help in the evolvement of a happy and satisfied child.
  • Digital time is limited by parents.
  • Parents encourage their kids to pursue their interests, socialize, make friends, partake in a healthy routine, spend time outdoors etc.

Impact of Nurturant/slow Parent on Child’s Self image

  • These kids are confident, have high self-esteem, and are self-disciplined, intellectually developed and psychologically strong.
  • They are responsible for independent individuals.
  • They have a good moral sense and are empathetic by nature.

Impact of Nurturant/slow Parent on Child’s Social Skills

  • Since they have been encouraged as kids to remain connected with people around, the social skills are properly developed. These kids are emotionally connected to their parents, extended family, neighborhood, friends, and colleagues.
  • These are loving, compassionate and friendly individuals.
  • Since they have been trained in mutual respect, they are able to exercise the same in their future relationships too. 

Impact of Nurturant/slow Parent on Child’s Academics

  • These children tend to succeed well in life because they are encouraged to pursue their interests from the beginning. 
  • Also since parents provide whole-hearted support in the development of the child’s intelligence, these kids tend to perform better in academics than others around.

Impact of Nurturant/slow Parent on Child’s Life

  • Having been raised in a protected and safe environment with lots of love and warmth, these children grow up to be well-balanced adults.
  • These are happy and satisfied kids who believe in looking at things positively and healthily rather than getting into negativities like substance abuse, hostilities etc.
  • Since these kids have the habit of discovering and exploring the world on their own, they are able to handle risks with maturity and practically.

This style of parenting is encouraging and offers all-around development opportunities for the child and his temperaments.  Since this style is based on discussions and explanations, the child’s reasoning and intellectual powers get to grow and develop to the full potential. 

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